May 19

Each year, Sandy and I think the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival can’t get any better – and we are always wrong. This year was no exception. Saturday, it was swamped busy from the minute the gates opened to the public and didn’t let up until nearly closing time. It was so busy, in fact, that neither of us got to do any shopping ourselves until Sunday morning.


Our booth was 10 X 30 this year, which was just perfect to hold everything. We had a fiber department on one side


and the tie dye department on the other


with us in the middle to be at hand to assist in any way we could in either area.

And, boy oh boy, did we sell fiber this weekend. We are completely out of several fleeces and there are a lot of bags of wool that have very little left in them. Getting the remaining wool, plus the 17.3 pounds of processed Cormo we picked up from Ohio Valley, into Sandy’s car to come home was a cakewalk. She had a lot more room in there going home than she did getting to the show.

And we also sold enough tie-dye that the second tub was empty enough that I packed up several things that had to go in separate containers down, freeing up room in my car as well. In fact, I threw away three boxes that I no longer needed to get things home in. I’ll get the shop updated tonight so, please be patient with me.

Of course, the kids loved the colorful tie dye clothing and accessories and we had some really cute kids make purchases.

hat girl

We had only one kid’s hat for sale (I need to dye up more) and it didn’t last long. This was sitting on our baby doll’s (George’s) head and this wee lass wanted it. Isn’t she adorable in it?

And do you remember these three young men from two years ago?

Well, they’ve grown quite a bit and were back for new shirts.

three boys

In fact they brought friends and they not only bought shirts, but socks, shoe laces and book covers. They each had their own money and they carefully picked out what they wanted. Not only do we love repeat customers, but getting to watch kids like these grow up is just wonderful.

Kentucky much raise some pretty special young men. In the afternoon, yesterday, we had a most pleasant surprise given to us.

joey & Conner

This is Joey and Conner. See that batt they are holding? Well, they made it for Sandy and me because they liked the rainbow of color that DyeAnna, our mascot, pulls from the dye pot on our sign and shirts. They absolutely blew Sandy and I away. We let them pick out shoe laces as a thank you and they loved that.

Sunday, I finally got to walk around a bit and take some pictures. We were in the main building this year, but there were plenty of tents outside to shop from as well.



And then there was the building with all of the fiber animals in it. In the back of this picture you can see Sara from Punkin’s Patch’s tent where she had the fleeces from her sheep for sale – and where baby Baaxter was sleeping between ba-bas. I bought Graham’s fleece again this year (it left with Ohio Valley Natural Fibers to be processed along with a couple of Babydoll Southdowns we purchased), and I nearly bought Hershey’s fleece, but another lady wanted that fleece even more than I did and I let her go ahead and take it. But I am keeping his name on my list for next year, along with another one that Sara told me about.


There were quite a few fiber animals there, and, on Saturday, there were sheep shearing demonstrations going on, too.

Oh yes! Before I finish up, I want to show you what Sandy and I did Friday night to make this weekend even more fun.

sandys nails

These are Sandy’s…

my nails

And these are mine. We giggled the entire time we were painting them in our hotel room Friday night and people really loved them. We will be doing this again before Hoosier Hills. We decided we need to start a group called the Sisterhood of Sheep (or SOS for short). So, if you want to create sheepy nails, take a picture of them and send it our way. We’d love to see our other Sheepish Sisters handiwork.

And I did get one stash enhancement item, but I forgot to take a picture of it, so I’ll show it to you tomorrow. It is prett-iful!

If you were at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival, I do hope you had a good a time as we did!