May 14

Last night, I finished all of the pressing of the newest dyed items for sale this weekend at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I have a steam press and how handy the thing is.  In two hours, I pressed 30 pairs of shoe laces, 12 T-shirts, 4 hats, a purse and I don’t know how many draw-string bags.  Luckily, you don’t have to press scrunchies – rather defeats the purpose of them, actually.

And they all all packed up and ready to go.  Sandy and I will have to get them tagged when we get to Kentucky (unless I feel more energetic tonight than I think I will).  Tonight is “pack the car” night and everything except my suitcase will go in there.  I love packing the car for a show.  It is like building a 3-D puzzle in a confined space.  And I love those kind of spacial puzzles.

The last five of the Fiber Binder Club Volume One boxes will go with us, so I will be taking them out of inventory for the weekend, as will the remaining sock kits.  I have yarn on order for more kits, but, until that order arrives, I want to make sure  no one has to wait too long to get their kits after they order it.

Any of the new items that do not sell this weekend or at Hoosier Hills June 6 & 7 will be added to the inventory in the Dyed in the Wool shop just as soon as Sandy and I get get pictures of them taken and inventory done.  There are some really cool designs in there.