May 5
TNNA – Just Wow!
icon1 basicallybenita | icon2 Support Your Local... | icon4 05 5th, 2014| icon31 Comment »

Saturday, I was invited to attend TNNA with the store I teach in, Starstruck Cat Studio.

For starters, it was huge!!!  Even after being there from 10:30 until sometime after 4, I think we barely managed to see 1/3 of it.  Booths of new yarns, new designs, new bags, new products, new tools, and new books overwhelmed you quickly, but what a great amount of creativity there was to see.  Lots of ideas have been percolating in my brain ever since.

I honestly do not see how Susan is going to chose where to spend her money for the shop – each booth was better than the last and there were so many cool things.  In a way it was a good thing you couldn’t buy things to take them home that day because I’d be broke just on the first aisle.

But I did get to do one thing.  Soak is now selling nail polishes and have a local manicurist working there for the day.


First time I have had on nail polish in about 20 years.  And, yes, I chose green where most people were choosing one of the pinks or purples.  Why?  It’s spring and green is my favorite color, so why not. and see the wee ball of yarn painted onto my ring-finger nail?  It was so much fun.  (Scott was not as happy with this as I was, but he’ll get over it.)

Also, I got some samples of different spinning fibers to test spin for Susan to help her choose what to sell in the shop.  Lots of colors and fibers to play with.


It’s not often that one gets to stand next to history.  One of the sweaters for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

I hope to get to go again some day, but I’d like to be one of those people signing books of my designs next time.