Apr 26

This is one of the hardest decisions that I have had to make for a long time.

The last couple of years, preparing for Dye Day has gotten harder and more expensive and has become more of a hardship than it needs to be.  This week, while washing out the dyepots for a friend to use for a class, I discovered that every one of them has a hole or a slit in it that causes it to leak.  They were all put into use at the same time and they are all failing at the same time due to the high heat of the fires they have been subjected to over the years.  This means an outlay to me of about $500 to replace them, which I simply cannot afford.

On top of this, dyes like cochineal, which everyone loves, has gone from about $50 per pound to nearly 5 times that, which makes it prohibitive to me to buy.  And other dyes that we all love are getting harder and harder to find due to conservation of the trees or plants in their country of origin, which I support.

In the beginning, I had people who volunteered with helping Scott and I set up Dye Day, but their lives have changed, and no one has come forward the past couple of years to help start fires, help fill the 15-18 pots or get them going.  Two years ago, I had to do this alone, and it was hard on me.  I was completely wiped by the end of the day and worthless the next day.  Even with Scott’s help, it is not easy.

Also, there are other factors involved that I am not prepared to discuss that has added to the decision to discontinue hosting the annual Dye Day Event effective this year.  I am sorry about this, and I have lost sleep agonizing over this decision, but I really have no choice. I took this event over believing I could continue it for many years to come, so, in a way, I feel like I am failing to uphold a tradition.

If there is someone who wants to continue this tradition here in the central Indiana area, I am more than willing to volunteer as a consultant.  If so, please contact me.

Please pass the word that Dye Day that was scheduled on Columbus Day in October in Pendleton, Indiana, has been cancelled.