Apr 23

No, I am not going to start talking about hot flashes or wanting to eat everything not nailed down (been there, finished with that, thank heavens), but this post is about the change in my creative tastes.

Over the years, I have made everything from dolls, to quilts, to clothes, to cloth, to…  You get the idea.  And there has been a lot more things I have wanted to try, but just never got around to doing, but have the supplies anyway – like basket weaving, soap making and so forth.

Well, it is time to face facts, know that I am never going to do anything with them and push them off onto new homes.  And that means, I am going to give you guys the first dibs on all of this.  For the cost of the postage, I will happily send to you the items I will be listing over the next few weeks.

Sunday afternoon, I am going to dig into my doll-making supplies (books, patterns, shoes, wigs, stands, cloth, buttons, zippers, you name it) and get some of the stuff up here.  If you are a doll maker or know of a doll maker who would like these things, please let me know.  I have an entire closet full of stuff and I’d like to end up with a shoebox of those items I have earmarked for special projects I know I am going to make for myself only.  I will take pictures of what I have and either send them directly to whomever contacts me or post them here for anyone to take.

Over this summer, I want to dwindle my stuff down to what I actually use and what will fit into my studio easily.  Of course, I’d rather have it all go to those who will use it rather than just drop it off at Goodwill.

And, I expect I’ll rediscover things that will make me go “So that is where I put it!” or “Gee, I forgot about that!”

I’d like to change from a full 4-bedroom house, to a 4-bedroom house with lots of extra space so that we might say, “Why are we living it such a big house?” and move to someplace smaller and easier to keep clean.