Apr 17

Last night’s Spinning III class was a special one.  One of the students, Pat, brought her spindle collection, and I brought several different types of wool, and we spend the night testing the spindles.

Pats collection

What a great collection, right?

Lizzie Turkish
Even Lizzie got involved with testing a couple of them.  This teensy Turkish spindle really spins nicely and I got the finest two-ply yarn from it that I have ever gotten before.   But knowing it was coming, I had to bring Liz to photograph with it.  Isn’t it the cutest little spindle???

I am in the process of writing up a detailed report on each spindle I tested, including sample yarns, and will have that posted tomorrow.  Also, I will talk about this:

hand spinner spindle

A free Walking Through China pattern for the first person to guess what this is and how to use it.

Last month, I had challenged my students to spin a single of BLF and another of superwash BLF and ply them together, then wash it thoroughly to see what happens.


The yellowish ply is the superwash BLF.  Brenda spun this, knitted it into a swatch and spent the last month washing it with every load (her washer doesn’t have an agitator, so it took a while to felt up) and this is what she got.


Excuse the puppy hair in it, it also got washed with a dog blanket.  But look at the texture!  The superwash didn’t shrink or felt like the normal BFL did and the resulting fabric is thick, soft and would make a great jacket to keep out the cold and wet.  But it is the texture that I love so much.  I wonder how this would dye up?

Experiments like this just make my job that much more fun.  Now I have a few ideas I want to try to see what else can be achieved.