Feb 27

Finally, I have two minutes to call my own.  These past couple of weeks have been busy to the point of frantic and I have done little besides work and sleep.  I have told Scott that my intention is to rest Sunday morning before getting up and getting started on our taxes, cook and do laundry in the afternoon.  I am going to need it.

The Winter Woolen Workshop in Kokomo was more than just Dyed in the Wool selling what we sell.  There were other vendors selling a wide variety of hand-crafted items and supplies for the hand crafter.


Hand dyed yarns and ribbon


Hand dyed balls of fluff and fabric for rug hookers.


Lovely handwoven baskets and hand thrown pottery.  See that wee bowl with the brown brim in the bottom left corner?


The one that is in the center of this closer picture?  Yes, I bought that.  It was only $8 and the perfect size for a scoop of ice cream.  I kept going back to it all day Saturday and looking at it, picking it up and feeling it and admiring the workmanship in it.  Sunday morning, it was still there and I went back a couple of times to look at it before I decided that I needed (yes “needed”) that small bowl.  So, now it is mine forever, Bwah-ha-ha-ha!  Ahem…  I love, love, LOVE hand thrown pottery.  I wanted that wee pot next to it, but could not justify getting it when I had no real use in mind for it.  Besides it being lovely to look at, that is.


Hand made soap and lotions – I am a sucker for hand made soap and got one bar of Honeysuckle, one of Lavender/Vanilla and a bar of Lilac.  None of these are strongly scented, which I like.  The honeysuckle is the next bar going into the shower.  I am so ready for spring!!!


Hand made mittens and bags (from recycled materials).  I got a pair of woolen mittens that are the warmest I have ever had.  They are fleece lined and the wind does not penetrate these at all.  Heritage Alpaca Farm was there, which is where we got the Suri Alpaca fleece (Gabriella) that we sell.


Some of the happiest and cutest ceramic items.  Sandy got a sheep with a great set of horns.  I’m jealous. 🙂


Felters (this lady’s felted pictures were beautiful), clothing makers, jewelry makers, too.

And that was just the house I was in.


In this house next door was all of the classes and demonstrations.


Polymer clay artist.  I have her business card and will put a link to her site here when I can because she was very good and very nice.  She and I sat and talked for about 20 minutes and I hated to leave.  She definitely is a kindred spirit.


This rose she was just finishing was a beautiful work of art.



Knitting demonstrators


Rug hooking demonstrators


Smocking demonstrations – isn’t this dress adorable?


And then there was the woodwork in these houses.  Just look at that stairwell!  A pain to keep dusted, but so beautiful.


Even the stair case in Sandy’s and my area was beautiful with lots of hand carved elements.

I think Scott and I may have a trip back to these houses (they are museums) in the works in the near future so he can see them in person.  He loves mission style and he really wants to see these houses first hand.

And last, but not least.  On the way to the houses to set up Friday night, Sandy noticed something that I did not see because I was looking for street signs.  So, she surprised me Saturday.


Isn’t he cool?  He’s 17 feet high and the detailing on him is wonderful.


Doesn’t his face remind you of an old-time movie villain with curling mustaches?

That sums up the weekend pretty well.  It’s an event that I would do again in a heart-beat and I hope we get asked to come back next year.