Feb 12

It was -9F when I left for work this morning, but it is a sunny morning and there is no wind, so it doesn’t feel as bad as you would think.  Mind you, I’d not stay outside without lots of layers, wool socks, mittens, scarves and hats.  One of my co-workers has even been wearing double socks to work because of the coldness of being next to a window.  For once, I am glad I am in an inner room where it is warmer.

I taught my beginning spinning class last night and had 5 students – 2 newbies and 3 returning ones.  The new ladies were a mother and daughter and both worked for a while on drop spindles then worked on the wheel (a beautiful Kromski) that they brought with them.  Both did very well and I gave them homework for this next month.  I can’t wait to see how they progress by the next class.

The three returning students were ready to up their games.  One was ready to begin spinning true worsted yarn from combed top and she picked up on it nicely.  She spun a nice, smooth, consistent and fine yarn (fingering weight when it will be plied and washed) and took more top home for her homework.  I should have taken pictures of the yarn she brought in that she had completed since the last class.  She practiced Navajo plying and spun up the sample carded batt we made on the drum carder.  Beautiful!!

The other two students were ready to spin finer and more consistent yarn, so I worked with them and by the end of the evening, they were doing great jobs – much finer than they had been doing.  These ladies are such a joy to work with and their enthusiasm is contagious.  Also, they learned how to ply from a center-pull ball, and one lady was talked out of throwing her newbie singles yarn away because it plied up much better than she thought it would.  It will make a great hat.

Lastly, I have loaded five more new fibers into the Dyed in the Wool shop for you to see and purchase.  Yes, I know that everything I have been loading has been white, but there are some natural colors coming, including a sweet black Alpaca and a nice black Merino/CVM cross that is to die for.  Getting good black fleeces isn’t easy, but we are looking for them for you.

Stay warm and have a lovely day!