Feb 9

Yesterday, Sandy and I made a trip to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers to pick up 13 bags of process fleeces (containing 16 actual fleeces) and some other goodies I will show you later.  It was a fun, laughter-filled trip.

When we got back to Sandy’s house, we unloaded the car, then set up my photography studio equipment and proceeded to take pictures of all 36 different fibers we have as well as set aside samples to be spun up for our price board.  Since our first show is in less then 2 weeks, we have a lot of work yet to do.

During this next week, I will work on processing the photos and posting all of the fibers we have for sale on the Dyed in the Wool site.  Some of the ones we picked up are so luscious that we are rather loathed to part from them.  They are beyond drool-worthy.

Today, though, I set out to a weaving student’s house to help her get her own loom warped and ready to go.


It was snowing on the drive there, and I just took my time and was careful.  Actually, Bettie is so good in the snow, that is was a fun drive and the fresh snow falling from the sky was pretty.


Once there, Sue and I twisted the fringe on her scarf and I laid it out to measure it and get pictures,  While her beat still needs work, her selvedges were nearly perfect.  In fact, it went from 13″ to 13.25 inches along the width and it was a perfect 55.75″ all the way down.  I was pretty proud of her for her first real weaving project. So, we washed it and fulled it and it is destined to be a table runner.  And, yes, Eddie had to inspect it.


Sue had already washed her sampler and it was interesting to see how the different yarns shrunk.  The part that shrunk the most was rayon chenille in 1/3 twill.


Some fabric is prettier on the back than the front.  I loved the pop of the white floats on the back of this better than the pattern on the front.  The front is the section in the center of the sampler.


While I was there, Sue measured off her new warp, sleyed the reed and had about 1/2 of the heddles threaded.  I’ll go back Thursday evening and help her get it wound onto the loom and ready to weave.  This new project is destined to be fabric for a vest.  I really love that she is thinking of finished items rather than just towels or scarves.  She is going to be proud to wear a vest that she wove the fabric for.

I love weekends like this one!!