Jan 21

I keep calling this a class, but it really is a private lesson.  We are 2/3rds of the way through it and right on schedule.  Sue’s own loom needs a bit of work before it can be used, so I left my Dorset for her to use this next week.


Meet Sue.  She quickly got the hang of weaving and was working on her sampler here.


Of course, being her first time, she still needs to work on selvedges and draw-in.  But that will come with time.

Meet Eddie

And meet Eddie.  He’s a sweet 7-year-old kitten.  His love of play has never left him and there is nothing aloof about this boy.  That intense look is him watching Sue’s hand go back and forth as she measured out her scarf warp on the warping board.  While Sue threaded the loom and we wound the warp on, Mr. Eddie had to go to another room so he wouldn’t… err… help us.


Ahhh…  Tying the warp to the front apron rod.  So close to starting the scarf.


First repeat of the pattern.  And Oops!  Two dents got skipped.  Before she started weaving, I asked if she wanted to resley the reed, and she said no.  It’s wool.  It will full, and if there is a bit of a line, that’s okay.  She knows this is her first project and it will not be perfect.  Her homework for the week is to work on consistency of beat, picks per inch and selvedge.  After getting through the treadling sequence once, I believe she will be able to concentrate on all of these.  I can’t wait until next Sunday when I go back and see how she has done.  If all goes to plan, she will be threading her own loom with the next project.