Jan 20

My new weaving student, Sue, is a gem.  She has a very mechanical mind and picking up weaving is proving to be a cinch for her.  Not too far into it, she already figured out how to read her weaving to fix mistakes or to figure out where she was if she stopped in the middle of a sequence.  And the math for calculating warp and weft – piece of cake!

Her new-to-her loom is a 4-harness, 6 treadle LeClerc Nilus and she will begin weaving on it today.  Her homework for last night was to finish weaving off the sampler on my Dorset using yarn similar to what she is going to be using for her scarf, paying special attention to selvedges and beat.  Her scarf for today is a M & W, 22-step treadling sequence 2-2 twill, and it’s going to be lovely.   Normally, I’d not let a beginning student something so complex, but I don’t think Sue is going to have any problems with it.

Sorry for not having any pictures, but I left my camera at her house and will get it when I go there again today.  I’ll show you what she is doing tomorrow.

Her cat, Eddie, helped us by making sure no yarn was lonely.  *;) winking

Other news: We have our first YARNO winner, so please check this out if you are playing YARNO.

And, remember, you have until midnight Tuesday the 21st in order to comment on this post in order to win a Trip Up The Nile Sock kit.  The winner for it will be drawn on Wednesday.