Jan 17

People who think that making or doing anything is work are missing out on some of the greatest pleasures in life.  Work can be play, and so can learning.

Wednesday night, there were two students in my intermediate spinning class and we played with blending and prepping fiber for spinning.  Pat brought her own drum carder, which she had not used yet, and I took Sandy’s and my Patrick Green, which worked out nicely because both students had a drum carder to work with.

Caeli, like Christy of Tuesday night’s class, is a bit more freer with color and her batt showed this.  Then she split her batt in half and reblended half of it to see what the difference would be.


The top half batt was the first time through the carder and the bottom one was run through twice.  I wish I had gotten a picture at how these spun up.  The top one was bright with wonderful pops of color.  The bottom one definitely was duller and there were flashes of color, but nothing like the top one.  It was a very interesting experiment and Caeli mentioned seeing how one could blend a fiber too much and create a muddy mess.

Pat was a bit more controlled with her color choices.  Her first one was a third gray, a third blue and a third cream.  We dizzed it off to make roving for her to spin.


By spinning these in order, her single will shift from one color to the next gradually.  I hope she Navajo plies this to keep the color sequences.

Next, Pat wanted to make a batt to spin.


Here she went half red and half cream.  There were some yellows in the cream as well.

Once Pat had the batt complete and while Caeli was spinning her sample batts, Pat wanted to learn how to make rolags (or as we were calling them wool punis because we just love saying “puni”) on her hand cards.

pat's product

So, all in all, Pat had a very productive evening.  And she learned that, unless you want some unexpected color on your batts, it’s best to clean the carder before going to a different color. 🙂

Next month’s class ought to be interesting when Pat brings what she carded back all spun up.  And I have the feeling that there is some carding and blending in Pat’s immediate future.  She really loved making the rolags.

All this has done is give me the itch to make some blended batts and see what I can come up with.  We only have three blended batts left in the shop, so we need more anyway.  Yes, work can be play!