Jan 15
As the World Spins
icon1 basicallybenita | icon2 Support Your Local... | icon4 01 15th, 2014| icon31 Comment »

Last night, there were 6 students in my beginning spinning class – three of whom had never spun before.  And, surprisingly, everyone had wheels!  Three of the wheels needed some minor tweaking, but we got them all running and everyone on their way to becoming spinners.

Then, we played with blending fibers and colors and I showed them the hand cards, my hackle with combing (I forgot to bring my combs, worst luck) and then we went to the drum carder.

One of the students in the class was a nine-year-old named Christy and she went nuts over the drum carder.  I had brought bits and blobs of several different fibers and colors and she went to town.  By the end, she had created three small batts that were split up between her and two other spinners to test spin and play with.  I can hardly wait until next month to see how they turned out.  Kids have no inhibitions when it comes to mixing colors and textures, and I may have learned something from her in this area.  Sometimes it’s nice to go wild and see what you end up with.  If I can be more like her, then there’s going to be some very interesting looking batts coming out soon.

Don’t forget to make a comment on the contest post for a chance to win a Trip Up The Nile Sock Kit.  The deadline is midnight January 21st and I will make draw the name on Wednesday and announce it then.