Jan 14

This morning, while pulling the rest of the items together for tonight’s beginning spinning class that I teach at Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana, I came across something I didn’t recognize.  It was a small package – maybe 2″ X 3″ X 3/4″ – wrapped in Christmas paper and tied with a ribbon to a sealed envelope.  It was way at the bottom of the case of tools I take to each class.

So, I sat down and looked it over.  Then, I opened it.  And look at what I found inside!

spinning wheel necklace

The card had a note from this student thanking me for teaching her how to spin saying it was a dream come true for her.  I just sat with my jaw dropped open for a couple of seconds, then I put the necklace on.

Folks, I have to tell you something.  I love teaching.  I love the people I meet and I love how each and every one of them has touched and added to my life.  And it’s good to find out that, maybe, I have added something to theirs as well.

I am so blessed!