Jan 10

As you all have probably guessed, I love history.  Before I married Scott, it was all about American history, especially the time period around the American Revolution.  Also, I loved studying how pioneers traveled and made their own stuff (hmmm…  Maybe this is why I love creating textiles so much).  Then I fell in love with the 1890’s, then with the Civil War, then…  You get the idea.

Scott has a degree in Medieval History, specializing in England and France and the “church,” meaning the history of the Catholic church.  We are not Catholics (I was raised Baptist, Scott was raised Church of Christ), but you really cannot study the medieval time period without a good understanding of how the Catholic church worked because they had their fingers into every pie they could and then some.

When Scott earned his degree, his maternal grandmother sent us to England and Scotland for 11 days (in 1992) and I was awakened to the same history he loves so much.  I became quite an Anglophile, in fact.  Which is why the BBS series of Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, War Time Farm, and Tudor Monastery Farm have thrilled me so much.  The education from these shows are worth their watching alone, but the archeologists and historian made the shows fun, too.  I really hope they do more.  I think one done during the Georgian times would be fun – Think Jane Austin’s time period.

Well, I turned my sister-in-law (Scott’s sister) on to these shows, and she, in turn, has turned Scott and me on to the Discovery Channel’s Time Team shows.  Holy mackerel, these are fascinating!  So, if you want to mix up mystery solving with archeology with history, you really need to check these out.  They are only 45 minutes long each, so really good for relaxing before bedtime while you work on the latest knitting project (so I’ve been told *;) winking).  So, just for grins, here is the link to the very first episode.  I think they’ve been doing this for something like 20 years, so there is a lot to learn here.  And if you enjoy them as much as we have, send a thought of thanks to Scott’s sister.  She’s one in a million!