Jan 5

We have a new grinder pump as of yesterday morning.  This takes a huge load off my mind.  Why?  Besides flushing toilets, washing clothes and dishes and taking showers, it means I have a better chance of preventing my water pipes from freezing over the next few days.


  • 33° -11° Today
  • -12° -15° Tomorrow
  • 3° 2° Tuesday
  • 25° 23° Wednesday
  • 31° 30° Thursday

This is the weather forecast for us and, yes, -12 F is the high for tomorrow.

What it doesn’t show is the foot of snow predicted and the windy conditions for tomorrow.  The weather report said the wind chills for tomorrow will be 40-50 degrees below 0.  We will need to trickle water in my bathroom and at the kitchen sink in order to prevent frozen pipes with this front coming in.  Without that grinder pump, we would not have been able to do this.

If you live in the eastern part of the US, what is it supposed to be like in your neck of the woods?

Storm update at 12:15 PM EST in pictures

1-5-14 snow 1

Oh crud! That’s a dye pot sitting there.  Oh well, the yarn in it will be preserved in the ice.

1-5-14 snow 2

You can see the snow is falling pretty thickly and the flakes are large.  Look at the level of snow against the barn door and the brick piles.  The wind is still pretty calm, so the drifting really hasn’t begun yet.

1-5-14 snow 3

The snow is falling so hard and thick that you care barely see the woods across the field in front of the house.

1-5-14 snow 4

The view from my bedroom window – facing north.  That horizon line about 2/3rd up the picture is an interstate.  I can still hear semis on it, but not very often.  They have already declared our county as “Limit travel to emergencies only.”  Just wait until the wind start blowing and the temperatures start to drop.  It is 32 degrees F right now.