Jan 3

It was -9 F when I left home for the fitness center this morning.  Since there was no cloud cover, the stars were exquisite – all bright and sparkling.  I don’t get to see the stars very often, so this morning rather made up for that.

All said and done, we got between 6 and 7 inches of snow yesterday.  It’s supposed to start snowing again tomorrow night and continue through at least Monday.  I wonder how much more we are going to get.

Tomorrow and Sunday, I am continuing what I started on Wednesday.  The part that we cleaned and reorganized looks so good, I want to see what else I can get cleaned and organized.  I’m thinking the laundry room, the rest of the kitchen (if we can wash dishes), my bathroom (if I can pour water down drains), the exercise room (that odd space at the top of the stairs) and my studio.  One day for my studio and one day for the rest.  This cleaning and organizing is good for the soul.

Keep your fingers crossed that we have flushing toilets sometime today.  I feel for the poor plumber, though.  It is really cold here, so Scott is going to keep the kettle going and invite him in to warm up a few times.