Jan 2

Scott and I decided to spend our New Year’s Day working on the house, so we finished a couple of projects started last year and cleaned and vacuumed and dusted and moved furniture and ended up with a car load of things for Goodwill, that we actually took to Goodwill last night.  Because we have no way of taking showers at home right now, we went to the fitness center and got good hot showers.  After a day of cleaning, those showers felt mighty good.

Because I am so busy with work, Dyed in the Wool, teaching, and script writing, it is hard for me to find time to work on the house and the second half of last year, it simply got away from me.  So, we are doing spring and fall cleaning all at one time in the winter.  Yesterday was a major step in the right direction.  This weekend will be the next step.

I mean for 2014 to be a very productive year, not only professionally, but at home as well.  It means getting organized and setting up a game-plan in order to get everything done and keep up with them, but we can do this and we will.

So, no real resolution for 2014, just working smarter and keeping up with life.  The key, I think, is going to be to take each day as it comes and make it as productive as it can be.

It’s snowing to beat the band here, today, and it took me an hour and a half to get to work rather than my usual 25 minutes.  According to the weather report, we are supposed to get 3-5 inches today, but, at my house, we were already at 3-4 inches at 5:30 AM and it’s not supposed to stop snowing until 7 PM.  Days like today make me really appreciate my hand-knit wool socks and mittens.  Both my hands and feet are warm and toasty.

And, last, but not least, if you live in the US and want to play YARNO, I’ll pay the postage for the next week.  Just drop me a comment and we’ll get your YARNO card to you.