Jan 1

Good morning 2014.  What is in store from you this year?  May I make a suggestion?  I’d like to have my plumbing system back.  Also, I’d really love to have this the worst thing that happens all year.  In fact, I’d like the rest of this year to be lovely so that we may look back at you and smile as you leave rather than give you a shove out the door and slam it behind you yelling “Good Riddance.”  In other words, you can either be remembered fondly as a good friend or “that horrid year.”  Your choice.

To start you off in the right direction, I would like to make two announcements that will start other people’s lives off a little nicer.  One is this:

Volume One of The Fiber Binder Club has been released.  For everyone who wanted to join the club, but never got around to it, you can now purchase the entire Volume One and have some fun learning about 12 different natural fibers.


Due to the limited about of fiber we have remaining from the club, there is a limited number of volume ones available.  Once we run out of fiber purchased for the club, then there will be no more volumes available for sale.  Basically, get yours while you can because once they are gone, they are gone.

The second announcement is that Dyed in the Wool has started a new game – YARNO.  It’s like Bingo, but it’s our version of the game.  Prizes for winners will include fibery goodness, DITW calendars, Tie-dyed items, and there will be several YARNO prize only items that aren’t available in the store yet.  The first YARNO number has been announced, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to join.  Since games will be going all year long (new games begin once we have a winner), you can join at any time.


To order your YARNO card, please click here to see how.  Then just check in with the Dyed in the Wool site each day to get your new numbers.

So, 2014, I have done my part to begin you off on a happy note, it’s up to you to help us continue that.