Dec 19

Several have asked how the blanket is coming along, so I thought I’d show you.


It’s getting close.  I lack the brown stockinet on the end at the bottom of the picture, one more pattern section on both ends, and then the border.  I am getting really excited about this project.  It’s been fun, relaxing and challenging all at the same time.  This will definitely be published as an “advanced beginner” pattern since it takes a newish knitter from garter stitch all the way through several stitch patterns including some easy stranded colorwork and the beginnings of cabling.  So, it is something of a sampler, but instead of a scarf, you get a whole blanket out of it.

And for those with lots of worsted weight yarn left over from various projects or one ball here and one ball there, this is a great stash buster.  This will be the last time you all get to see it until it is being blocked.  Mostly, because the border will be on one loooooooong circular needle (actually several Knit Picks cables coupled together) and will look like a huge bag while being knitted, so you won’t be able to see much.