Dec 15

Sorry for not posting lately, but there just has not been anything worth mentioning going on. I had a bout of tummy problems (still blaming something I ate Sunday), and I taught a class Tuesday night, but other than those – nada.  I’ve worked, cooked, slept, showered and that was it.  Not much knitting on the blanket and none on anything else.

I’m glad I don’t have these types of weeks very often.  I’d much rather be productive and doing something creative.

We’ve been having snow quite often here and it was -2F when I left for work Thursday morning.  Bitterly cold.  It snowed yesterday and is supposed to snow more tonight and get down to 9F.  My new snow boots will be getting their use this week for sure.

I hope you all have a fun weekend.  Me? PO, groceries and writing on the next script for Johnny Saturn yesterday and today is laundry, cooking and cleaning.  Yes, too exciting for words.

Update: 6:24 pm EST – I have washed and dried 6 loads of laundry and folded over 10 (yes, I was a little behind on that part, but I am now caught up), I have cleaned out my closet of all of the clothes I can no longer wear (Goodbye size L’s and 14’s) because I have lost 8 pounds since Thanksgiving and I no longer want to have those clothes available to me.  Mediums and 12’s for now and, soon, I hope to drop those 12’s to 10’s.

Also, I have made a huge pot of chili (12 meals for Scott), a pot roast (7 meals with the remaining meat to be made into beef noodles in a couple of days), and there are 6 days breakfasts made for Scott consisting of bacon, eggs and hashbrowns.

And I have washed a fleece.  This is how my days should be all the time.  Productive.  I will sleep contented tonight.