Dec 8

Both Scott and I needed a break yesterday.  The sky was clear, it was cold out, the snow was bright and sparkly, and neither of us wanted to be stuck indoors. So, we took off to our favorite, local antique mall – Midland Sash in downtown Indianapolis.  Two full floors of lots and lots of stuff.

Some of my favorites for the day:


Whenever we go to antique places, we end up seeing a “theme” for the day. Today’s was old exercise bikes.  Here is one that looks more like a torture devise than anything else, but I assume that if it had had a seat and a good oiling job, that it would have worked well in its day.


This one, on the other hand, has a small electric motor to help you exercise.  That’s more my style.


Scott got to meet a former president of the US.  In fact, when he rounded the corner and caught Mr. Kennedy out of the corner of his eye, he jumped and let out a yell.  Mr. Kennedy startled him a bit.


I love old glass bottles and this collection of old medicine bottles caught my attention.


This coat caught my attention, too, but mostly because of the lovely way it was woven.  I loved the way the colors seemed to meld from one into another.  I may have to try to recreate this.


Old band uniform coats. I love reflections and this one coat reflected in the mirror struck my fancy.


And, speaking of reflections, I managed to get on TV while there.

I hope your day was as fun as mine.

If you live in the Indianapolis area, please don’t forget to come to the


Christmas Bazaar in Fishers tonight.  Sandy and I will be there with Dyed in the Wool as well as several other local craftspeople and small businesses. We hope to see you there.