Nov 18

Yesterday, the Midwestern part of the US got clobbered by tornadoes and storms.  Scott and I shoved both cats into a cat carrier and put our emergency stuff in the only protected place in our house, which is the closet under our stairs.  Times like this I wish we had a basement.

We were lucky.  We had times of straight-line rain and winds and times of relative calm.


This picture is facing north from our house.  That black area near the horizon was just over the interstate from our house, and, according to the weather radio, somewhere in that was a tornado.  We kept a close eye on the progression of that storm cell as it went past and it was pretty frightening to watch.

After this picture was taken, a hard thunderstorm came through and we had to head back inside.  At the end I saw a double rainbow to the east of us, but by the time I grabbed my camera it was gone.   These storms were traveling 70-80 mph, but this was nothing compared to those areas of Illinois and northern Indiana that had 200 mph winds along with the tornadoes.

Did I ever mention that I hate tornadoes? I do.  There is very little that I fear, but I am terrified of tornadoes.

Please pray for the families and neighborhoods that were destroyed yesterday.