Nov 14

This has been a very busy week, and it has flown by.

Monday evening, I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup out of the chicken stock made from last week’s chicken leftovers and parts. Also, I washed a fleece, did three loads of laundry and cleaned out the freezer.

Tuesday night I had 5 students in my beginning spinning class and they kept me hopping.  Also, I picked up 200 skeins of yarn for something special coming to Dyed in the Wool in the next week or so (in time for the Thanksgiving sale).  Cindy knows about this, but she has been sworn to secrecy.

Last night, I simply slept – 10.5 hours of the blessed stuff, but I needed it.

Tonight is a trip to the PO to mail out about 50 boxes to people all over the world.  Then I will go to the grocery store and get some much needed food.  The fridge is very empty at this point (day before payday, you know).  I’ve held off going until closer to payday in case what money I do have ended up being needed for something else.

In my spare times, I have been working on three separate projects – one for next month and two for next year, but they need to be done now in order to get everything ready before January 1st.  One is something very special and I cannot wait to tell you about it.  I’ll give you this one hint – prizes!!!

It’s a good thing I like being busy and productive, right?