Nov 4

My back is still letting me know how to move (and, more importantly, how not to move), but I am mobile enough to get up early and cook this morning, get to work early and scrub out the fridge.  I had to throw away everything in the office fridge except the bottled water because the power was off about 16 hours total.  On the way in, I brought new stuff to replace the old stuff and we are back in business once again.

Not happy that my weekend plans were curtailed, but, on the bright side, I found a stitch pattern I want to use in a sweater vest.  I used it in the blanket and fell in love.  It looks cool and is easy to memorize, too.

I hope all of you had a great weekend!

Nov 3
Odd week
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The week started out right enough, but the further we got into the week, the stranger things got.  It all culminated in my arriving at my office building on Friday morning to find it all dark.  The building maintenance supervisor jokingly flashed SOS with his flashlight from the lobby as I walked up and I found out the office building had been without power since 10:30 the night before with the power company having no idea when it would come back on.

You see, we had a pretty strong storm come through our neck of the woods Thursday night and the wind brought down a lot of power lines, so the poor guys had been up all night getting them repaired. And they still had a long day ahead of them.

So, not being able to do without my morning cup of hot tea, I drove down to McD’s to get my caffeine fix.

By noon, the power still was not on, so we closed the building (hardly anyone was there anyway).  It gave me time to buy groceries on the way home and a spare afternoon to knit, so I worked on my blanket.

Saturday morning, I woke up looking forward to a day of working in my studio, continuing the process of organizing and putting away things.  I wasn’t in there 5 minutes when I bent over to pick up something to put away and I felt something “give” in my left lower back.  The pain shot up my side and down into my left leg leaving me unable to move.  I hollered to Scott who was in the next room folding his laundry, and, together, we managed to get me upstairs.  I took some ibuprophen, Scott ran the big, honkin’ massager over that region, then we put ice on it.  So much for my plans.

In the middle of the night, I woke up in great pain again, took more ibuprophen and rubbed some Flexall into my lower back, but it took a couple of hours before I could go back to sleep.  Grrrr!!!!

So, except for some cooking with Scott’s help, I am down.  I will say that Flexall, for as stinky as it is (methol), it works!

And I am getting some bonus time to work on the blanket.  Still, I would rather have had my studio lots further along.


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