Nov 25

Beginning today and going through Sunday, December 1st, all orders over $100 from Dyed in the Wool will get free shipping to the US.  So, if you have a United States of America mailing address, this special deal is for you!  No coupon, no special code, just shop and spend at least $100 and we will ship it to you on our dime!


Dye-Anna says “Happy Thanksgiving!”


Nov 22

Sandy and I will have all of our tie-dyed clothing and accessories at:

Christmas Bazaar

Please come and do your Christmas Shopping here and help a ton of local businesses.  Quite a few of these business sell hand-crafted items, so here is your opportunity to get one-of-a-kind and unique gifts for this holiday season.

Nov 19

I really am enjoying knitting this blanket and watching it grow.


The richness of the colors and the different patterns have been lots of fun to research and do.  There are a couple of patterns that are going to be sweaters one day.

It still needs a couple of feet before it is long enough, so there is still plenty of room to experiment, but what a joy this has been so far.  I can’t wait to block it and see how it really looks.  Right now it is rather bumpy.  But it is long enough to cover my legs while I am knitting and, if nothing else, it is keeping me warm while making it. And it is using up quite a bit of my stash, and that is good, too.  There are a lot of onesie balls in there that had no other use.


Nov 18

Yesterday, the Midwestern part of the US got clobbered by tornadoes and storms.  Scott and I shoved both cats into a cat carrier and put our emergency stuff in the only protected place in our house, which is the closet under our stairs.  Times like this I wish we had a basement.

We were lucky.  We had times of straight-line rain and winds and times of relative calm.


This picture is facing north from our house.  That black area near the horizon was just over the interstate from our house, and, according to the weather radio, somewhere in that was a tornado.  We kept a close eye on the progression of that storm cell as it went past and it was pretty frightening to watch.

After this picture was taken, a hard thunderstorm came through and we had to head back inside.  At the end I saw a double rainbow to the east of us, but by the time I grabbed my camera it was gone.   These storms were traveling 70-80 mph, but this was nothing compared to those areas of Illinois and northern Indiana that had 200 mph winds along with the tornadoes.

Did I ever mention that I hate tornadoes? I do.  There is very little that I fear, but I am terrified of tornadoes.

Please pray for the families and neighborhoods that were destroyed yesterday.

Nov 15
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X-Ray.  I would like to thank my co-worker Joe V for bringing in an X-ray of his dog, Honey. Y should be easier, don’t you think?

Nov 14

This has been a very busy week, and it has flown by.

Monday evening, I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup out of the chicken stock made from last week’s chicken leftovers and parts. Also, I washed a fleece, did three loads of laundry and cleaned out the freezer.

Tuesday night I had 5 students in my beginning spinning class and they kept me hopping.  Also, I picked up 200 skeins of yarn for something special coming to Dyed in the Wool in the next week or so (in time for the Thanksgiving sale).  Cindy knows about this, but she has been sworn to secrecy.

Last night, I simply slept – 10.5 hours of the blessed stuff, but I needed it.

Tonight is a trip to the PO to mail out about 50 boxes to people all over the world.  Then I will go to the grocery store and get some much needed food.  The fridge is very empty at this point (day before payday, you know).  I’ve held off going until closer to payday in case what money I do have ended up being needed for something else.

In my spare times, I have been working on three separate projects – one for next month and two for next year, but they need to be done now in order to get everything ready before January 1st.  One is something very special and I cannot wait to tell you about it.  I’ll give you this one hint – prizes!!!

It’s a good thing I like being busy and productive, right?

Nov 11


Wet Wool Washing in Warm Water.

Now to figure out what to do for X.

Nov 10

Yesterday afternoon, Scott and I headed to The LaMar farm for their sheep shearing. Before we got started, we got to visit with the sheep and meet some of them.  I have to say, these were some of the sweetest and friendliest sheep I have ever met.

pretty flock

These are the ewes being bred this year with their ram.  Aren’t they so pretty?  I love Shetland and their fleeces, and I really love the more primitive fleeces, especially dual-coated ones.  I am pretty sure the tan one in front looking our way is Tootsie Roll, whose lamb fleece Sandy and I bought last year.


This is Libra a lamb born in March this year.  See her fleece? Want to get a closer look at it?


Oh, yeah!  That’s going to go to some shows next year, and once it is done, that fleece is mine!  Or at least I have dibs on it if they want to sell it.


Isn’t he a pretty boy?  I love his face and his horns are just beautiful.


And this is Amy.  Amy is a very sweet ewe who is not being bred this year.  Amy and I had some time to get to know one another.


Needless to say, I fell in love with her and I can see why she is everyone’s favorite ewe.  And guess what?  Yes, I have her fleece.  I am going to be extra careful in washing it because I want to spin it up and make something from it.  The color is such that after washing it, I think I am going to have fun dyeing it.  I can see a Fair Isle sweater from her fleece.


But don’t think I didn’t make other friends while I was there.  Here is Tootsie Pop, Tootsie Roll and Almond Joy and they all wanted some loving.  And I was more than happy to oblige.  Almond Joy is another whose lamb fleece Sandy and I bought.

Sheep weren’t the only animals there.  There were some chickens.




And, yes, this fuzzy bird is a chicken, too.  Very soft, too!


And dogs and cats.  This cat was very contentedly kneading the dog’s side.  The dog looks like it is saying, “Mom, he’s kneading me again.  Does he have to do that?”

Lisa Truman, one of the best shearers in our area (and one who, sadly, is wanting to retire) was there and we got started with the lambs.

Now you see it

Now you see lots of wool…

Now you don't

…now you don’t.  Hair cut and a mani-pedi, too!  These sheep have it made!  🙂  And look at the pink belly!  It makes you want to go over and give it a rub.


And I got to work skirting the fleeces until it got too dark to see.  Lovely fleeces they were.  I wish the sun hadn’t gone down so soon, because I would have loved to keep going.  Opening up each bag of wool was such a joy – to see and touch them was heavenly.  I will have to go back and finish what I started soon.

It has been so wonderful getting my sheep fixes lately.  I am one lucky lady.

Nov 9

Today I get to help Kris LaMar of LaMar Springs Farm with the shearing of her Shetlands.  I’ll be helping with the skirting and bagging and grading and get 2nd dibs (obviously Kris gets 1st) on the fleeces.  Woohoo!

I’ll take plenty of pictures, too, don’t you worry about that!

Nov 8

Well, last night I wrote the reports for the final two months of the Fiber Binder Club.  While I am ready for this part of our business to be completed, I had a bittersweet feeling when I printed those reports out.  Months 35 and 36 are ready and Month 35 will be shipped out to those who have been with us from the beginning or have doubled up their membership and are caught up to that point.

Months 34-36 are connected and are meant for comparison spinning.  Month 34 was Mohair from the Angora goat. Month 35 is Type A fiber from the Pygora goat, which is close to Mohair so spinning them and comparing how they spin, feel and knit up will be interesting.  Month 36, the final month of the Fiber Binder Club, is Type B Pygora (there are three types in total; A, B and C).  Type B is a blend of Mohair and Cashmere.  Again, getting the opportunity to spin and compare with Mohair and Type A Pygora will be interesting.

The November shipments will be going out in next Wednesday’s mail for those who are annual members and those monthly members who have paid in time. (Would have been Monday, but the PO is closed on Monday due to Veteran’s Day, and I have to teach right after work on Tuesday so cannot stop by the PO).

This has been a fun and educational experience.  Remember, beginning January 1st, 2014, you can purchase the entire 1st volume (12 months) of the Fiber Binder Club.  This will include the binder, dividers, information sheets, raw and washed/processed samples and up to .5 ounce of the fiber to test spin (silk will be 5 grams).  Because of the shipping cost savings, the price for the entire 12 month series will be $90 versus the $120 that it would have cost if you had purchased each month one at a time, so a 25% savings for you.  I’ll give you more details when the time comes.

Thank you everyone for making the Fiber Binder Club the wonderful experience it has been.  Keep an eye on here for future clubs produced by Dyed in the Wool.

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