Oct 29
Blanket Update
icon1 basicallybenita | icon2 Work-in-progress | icon4 10 29th, 2013| icon31 Comment »

Several people have been asking how the new blanket is coming along, so I thought I’d show you a progress photo.


I am on the last section for the width, so once it is done, I will stop knitting on two opposite sides and continue knitting on two opposite sides until it is long enough.  Once I am at that point, it ought to go a bit faster since I will no longer be increasing 8 stitches every other row and will be knitting back and forth on two sides rather than that long way around each time.  Of course, each side will be mirror images to keep the symmetry of it going. I’m just glad this is going to be for a twin sized bed and not a king sized one.