Oct 27
Hug A Sheep (Or Several)
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Yesterday was Hug A Sheep Day at Equinox Farm, aka Punkin’s Patch, and Scott and I were there for the fun.


Sara and her husband, Tim, have the most beautiful farm with sheep, horses, chickens, dogs and cats.  This was Scott’s first trip there and I think he could have just moved in to the barn and stayed.


Besides, how many barns do you know have their own swings inside?  This was a huge hit with the kids throughout the day.


And Scott looked the wool house over very well, inside and out and he’s already making plans to build something like this for me.  Goodness, wouldn’t that be a dream come true!


As you can see, I was well bundled up for the day.  It was cool and breezy (and that breeze knocked off my hat at every opportunity).  Yes, that is one of my Harris Tweed jackets that I have collected.  It did a great job keeping me warm.  20 was there as ambassador and he did a great job and gave great hugs.

But there were other ambassadors there as well, but these demanded vanilla wafers and Cheerios as tribute rather than just a hug.


Henrietta the sweet Jacob sheep.


Graham who managed to smear more than one camera lens during the day.  His spring fleece is at Ohio Valley being processed and will be in the Dyed in the Wool booth next year.  I have dibs on his 2014 fleece, but I think I’ll buy it myself and have some fun spinning it and dyeing it for a colorwork sweater for me.


Keebler with his “I’ve had enough, get me out of here” face.


Sara (thecrazysheeplady), her camera slung at her back keeping an eye on everything and answering tons of questions.  The sheep are from left to right B. Willard (Sara’s sweater if from his fleece), Budreaux, I think Keebler, and Maisie is hiding behind Sara.  Maisie really didn’t want to be petted or loved on yesterday and did a lot of tossing her head and prancing about.  What a funny little diva she is!


Don’t think those in the pasture were forgotten. Chocula and Hershey were getting lots of hugs and cookies as was Hank.


This shot just cracks me up.  Doesn’t Ewen McTeagle look like a sheep on stilts?


“This is my”I’m a good boy” face, so hand over those crackers, lady!”

Chocula got more than his fair share of cookies and crackers.  When I tried to give some cookies to Hershey earlier, Chocula managed to get his mouth between the cookie and Hershey every time, sometimes at the very last second.  And, as you can see here, he is enjoying the attention and treats very much.


Scott’s brother and family came by as well, since they don’t live that far away.  This is our youngest niece, Miriam giving Petunia some loving.


This is Sarah with Budreaux.  She and Budreaux became fast friends and she really hated to leave when it was time to go.

I wish I had gotten a picture of Maddie with the sheep.  Next year, Maddie, you will get to go first and I will get a shot of you with the sheep.

black BL fleece

There were some fleeces for sale there as well.  I fell in love with this black Border Leicester fleece, but someone else beat me to it, so it didn’t get to come home with me.  But it was a lovely fleece!

Scott likes to take pictures of interesting textures to use in his art and spent quite a bit of time taking pictures while there.


And, he managed to photo bomb himself in one of them.  Too funny!!!

Sara, thank you for a lovely day and I look forward to coming back next year.  The 2014 calendar I bought from you will be hung up where I can see the pictures every day.