Oct 7

Saturday was the Gluten Free Food Expo in Carmel, Indiana, and Scott and I went to it.  We know not to eat before hand and expect to be too full to eat afterwards when we go to one of these and this year was no exception.  I wanted to take pictures while we were there, but it was very crowded.  Still, I managed to get some wonderful pasta sauce (which is now in a lovely chicken and pasta dish) as well as some strawberry balsamic vinegar.  We also tried several pizzas, pastas, breads, brownies and cupcakes.  We don’t eat a lot of sweets, but we do miss pizza.  I got cards and information from all of the items we liked and found out that most are sold at Nature’s Pharm or Whole Foods around here.

It rained all weekend, so no getting outside, so we worked inside the rest of the weekend.  I am gearing up for Dye Day (a week from today) and Scott is trying his best to get the next Graphic Novel ready for printing by the end of this year.  Besides the chicken/pasta dish, I made sweet and sour pork over brown rice and still have some chicken breasts I want to marinate in the strawberry balsamic vinegar to cook later this week.

I did get to work on the blanket a little, and it is growing bit by bit.  I think another 5-6 stripes and it will be wide enough for a twin-sized bed.


Scott helped me spread it out so you can see better what it looks like.  Using the cable needles as extra long dpns is makes this much easier to do.

I am teaching tonight and tomorrow night and Wednesday night is my knitting group, then it will be solid Dye Day prep through Sunday, followed by Dye Day, Day Day clean up, and a trip to Moontree to be videotaped for the three classes I am teaching there before driving all the way back down to Greenwood to teach a class.  Thursday I am going to be tuckered, but I’ll have to go back to work that day.  Whew!  After Saturday, it is less running around, but will be back to working on dyeing and other prep for next year’s fiber show schedule.

It’s a good thing I love what I do.