Oct 3

I worked another hour on the ever-growing blanket last night and I still have a row to go before I finish the magenta stripe.  I am looking fondly back on the time when I could finish a whole stripe in an hour.  Sigh…  🙂

Because it was getting so bunchy on the 48″ circular needle, I have placed each side on a separate circular needle and am knitting with a 5th one.  So, it’s like knitting with double-points but much longer.  It’s nice to be able to stretch it out and see how the square is developing.  And, with less tugging, pulling and rearranging stitches around one cable as I go, the knitting has sped up somewhat.  Still slow, but not as slow.  I got 2.5 rows done in that hour rather than just 2.

Let me tell you about a program I am watching on YouTube as I knit.  It’s called Victorian Farming, and it is about these three people who live a year as Victorian farmers in the latter part of the 19th century in England.  They dress the part, eat the part, and raise animals and crops and use equipment that was available at that time.  It is fascinating!!

I love it so much that I am giving you the link to the first of six episodes.  The rest are easy to find from there, but, seriously, if you are in the least interested in how farmers in rural England lived over a century ago, you need to watch this.

There is also a program you can watch there called Victorian Pharmacy that I will be watching next. I have no idea what this one is about, but if it is similar to Victorian Farming, then it will be just and informational and interesting.

Knitting round and round on a blanket is boring, and I do not watch typical TV (I have always found that 99% of the shows out there are pretty inane and even more boring than knitting a giant’s blanket in garter stitch), but watching something that is both educational and entertaining is different.  Watching these is like getting an education!  In fact, there is so much useful information to a person living today (did you know that milk will get ink out of clothing easily?) that I am seriously thinking about rewatching them and taking notes as I go.

And, as long as it is going to take me to knit this blanket, I will get quite an education.  Win-win in my book!