Sep 26

I will post my Q and R shots together next week.  Just because my cold is better doesn’t mean I’ve had a whole lot of energy once I get off work.  In fact, the left over “medicine head” feeling has been with me most of the working day making concentration very difficult.

Last night, I actually decided to not take any cold medicine and to go to bed early.  Then, at 2:30 this morning, a loud SNAP woke me up. I had caught another mouse in a trap.  But, it just barely caught him and the little bugger got away – into my room.  So, I have been awake since 2:30.  Sigh…  Since he chewed through 1/2 a block of mouse poison to get into the room (I had crammed a block into the mouse hole), I am hoping that he won’t be in the land of the living by the time I get home.  Now, of course, I have to find him and I am afraid he went in behind my very overloaded bookcases.

*&^%$#@ mouse!

Since I was awake, I did get to knit on my blanket for a while.  I have a row and a half of having this stripe done.  It is now taking me half an hour to get one row done, so I got just under 6 rows done while waiting for time to get up.  I’ll get a picture of it this weekend and show it to you.

This weekend should be a weekend at home working on the house and my studio.  I am looking forward to it.