Sep 24

Today would have been Mom’s 68th birthday and is the second birthday without her.

I started teaching a new sock knitting class last night and it is going very well.  I only have one student, so she has my undivided attention.  She picked up knitting with dpns really quickly and I can’t wait to show her the magic of the heel turn next week.

Also, the new Ply magazine is out and I am looking forward to perusing it, and I picked up another magazine that I have been waiting for with baited breath.


Yes!!!!  I watched the first season on Netflix, and nothing since, but I fell in love with the Edwardian clothing.  When I saw that Interweave Press was putting this out, I could hardly wait.  Well, Starstruck Cat Studio had it last night and I snatched it up so fast that paper flew off the table from the wind I caused (okay, not really, but it could have).  I’ve barely had the chance to look through it, but I can see several items that I want to knit in it – mostly from the Downstairs portion.


I do hope you all have a lovely day.  My cold is 90% over and I am feeling in top form this morning.