Sep 20

Tomorrow, Sandy and I are headed out to A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Since it is a two day (Saturday and Sunday) show, we want to check it out and see if it is someplace we want to vend at next year.  Also, we have several fleeces we want to drop off for processing.


Thirteen bags of fleeces to be exact.  Actually, there are 17 fleeces here, but we are combining some of them since they are the same quality and color.  One bag, though, has three shearings from the same ewe (June 2012, November 2012 and June 2013).  Also, if you look in the picture above, you will see ribbons on three of the bags: A pink rosette for Reserve Champion Colored Fleece (half Cormo/half Border Leicester), a 1st place winner Colored Fleece (3/4 Cormo/1/2 Border Leicester), and a 3rd place winner (Cormo).  The gray fleece next to the Reserve Champion is the Grand Champion Colored Fleece (half Cormo/half Border Leicester), and the white fleece in front of them is the Grand Champion Fleece (Cormo) all from the 2013 Indiana State Fair.  They don’t give out ribbons for Grand Champion, but give you a plaque instead and the owner of the sheep kept those – I would, too!

All of these fleeces are wonderful and I can’t wait to get them back from processing.  I do notice that we have gray, black and white fleeces, but no new ones in the brown colors.  We will need to remedy that.


Here is a close-up of that Grand Champion Colored Fleece.  Don’t you just want to pet it?

Another fleece we are taking to be processed is a 50% Merino/50% CVM fleece that is a wonderful black.  It needed to be skirted before I got it bagged and labeled.  When I finished skirting it, I took the trash wool over to the field to dump it.  That’s when I noticed that my walnut tree is dropping walnuts.


It has been three years since we got any walnuts, so I picked up all I could find on the ground and have them soaking in a large kitty-litter bucket with a lid on it.  I’ll gather more as they fall to add to the bucket.  All of these are going to be used for Dye Day.

I decided to knit a blanket for my bed out of left over worsted weight wool from other projects.

Hip to be Square blanket1

I started with a garter-stitch square in the middle and am working my way out from there.  Once I get it wide enough, I’ll stop on the width and just build up on the length until I get it long enough.  I am making this up as I go, but every other stripe is simply stockinet stitch and every other stripe is some pattern just using knits and purls – no laces or anything.

hip to be square2

So far, I have used a moss stitch and a diagonal pattern.  This will give me the excuse to look through a stitch dictionary and play around with different patterns.  I am going to make this a twin-sized blanket.

I am still working on the sweater vests.  I nearly have the first half of Colette’s knitted and when I have the second half, I am going to have to stop and block them and the two halves of mine before I can continue on them.

That’s what is going on right now.