Sep 18

The local Lego Group was invited to be a part of the expo, and their area was quite a draw to young and old alike.  I know I kept going back there to look at everything.  The following is just a highlight of all they had there.


Since a lot of people attended to look at art, I’ll start with this piece of Lego art.


And a close-up of this picture.  With each block being in a regular shape based on the square, using the colors in a pixelated format gives an artist a wide scope in which to work.  I was very impressed with this.  Using Legos like this had never occurred to me.


Hey, Kim Kirby!  This one is for you!  KY Wildcat in Legos.


Let’s start with the largest set up there.  This one had two trains going around and many, many details.  The more you looked, the more there was to see.


Like sharks fighting over a surfer.  Ouch!  Look at all that blood.  Oooo!  Look away from the carnage!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles defending a school bus.


Spiderman swinging over to tackle Doc Oct.


The Hulk being his hulkish self.


Campers enjoying some recreation at the local campground.


While those at the local drive-in theater enjoyed a movie.  And there was a real movie being played on the screen, too.


At another table, there were lots of activities going on.  Soccer and volleyball, for instance.



The gas station even catered to space ships.  Hey, they need someplace to refuel, don’t they?



If you look closely at the ball spinning in this building, you will notice that it is the Deathstar.

The people who created and built these sets have worked hard to do so.  Every place you looked there was more to see and little sneaky things thrown in here and there.  Great job, folks!