Sep 16

Being in a different city and at a comic book convention gave me lots of opportunities for “P” photos this weekend.  So, here I go!


There was a piece of plastic wrap laying on the floor behind the main area and I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture of it.


The Public walk way outside our hotel.  With the lights lighting up the arches at night, this was especially pretty.

Piano Co

The Lyric Piano Co building with its pretty Plantings.  I wish more buildings did this.


It took a couple of tries to get this right, but I had to take a photo through the Peep hole of our hotel room door.


Porker!  Cincinnati used to be (or still could be for all I know) a huge pork processing center and these pigs in differently poses, paint jobs, scenes, etc. are all over the place.  I love the fact that this Hamlet is holding a Pig skull.


An art deco Portico with a great clock.


One of many Pirates at the comic expo.  The cos Players outdid themselves for this show.  There were lots of very well-made costumes there.


Scott is a Penciller Pencilling a Page for a Person named Peter Palmiotti.


Obviously, there were lots of Pros there, too.


For some reason, My Little Pony is very Popular right now.

Princess Leia

Nothing like Princess Leia threatening you with a futuristic Pistol.


The Powerpuff Girls!  I took this one for Scott’s brother, Todd, because he loves them.

And I saved the best, and creepiest, for last.

The hotel room we were staying in was a corner room, and it had a loooong hallway from the door of the suite to the main living area (it was actually a two bedroom apartment with a complete kitchen – I’ll show you more pictures of it tomorrow).  Well, after dark, I got to playing with that hallway with my camera, and Scott suggested he stand in the open door to create a silhouette.  Most were okay, but one was my favorite because of how it turned out.


Portal to another dimension.  The ones that were clear just were not as interesting as this one was.  I love it!!!

Delighted Hands

My Yellow Swing

Sanna’s Bag