Sep 11

You know that sweater vest I am working on from the Autumn issue of Creative Knitting?  Well, I’m to the place where I need to block the two halves of mine, but don’t have the time to actually do so.  So, I started knitting on my co-worker, Colette’s, vest and am about 2/3 through the right half of it.

Also, I am working on a new blanket pattern, so I can’t show it to you, yet, but I am really liking how it is turning out.  It’s going to be a real stash buster.

And, I have finished another colorwork sock pattern (the 4th) that I will be starting my test knit on this weekend.  I have my third pattern ready to send to Cindy of Delighted Hands for her test knitting to make sure what I wrote makes sense and that there are no typos or other issues with it.

I am half way finished with another sock pattern and mostly finished with a 6th, except I am having color issues because the yarn company’s yarn I am using doesn’t have the gray I need.  They have light gray and dark gray, and I need a medium gray.  Obviously, I have some work to do on it to make it look right.

Anything else?  Oh yes!  If you are going to be at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend, be sure to stop by the Johnny Saturn booth and say hello.  Lilly the Lendrum and I will be behind the table spinning away while Scott and I talk about Johnny Saturn and Scott’s art.