Sep 8

Well, it is official!  Okay, it happened last Thursday, but we made it official yesterday.  Granny really is one hundred years old.


Here’s the cake (one of the cakes).


Here’s her picture on the front page of the newspaper.


And here’s the birthday girl herself.


Scott and I ran late getting there.  His car decided to be sick and we had to take it in for repairs before heading south.  We ended up getting there around 2 in the afternoon, and some people had already left, but there were still plenty to visit with and see.  One of my cousins counted 187 people at one point, but more showed up later (including us).  Dad said that there were well over 200 people there all said and done.  There were some relatives I have not seen in nearly 40 years, and a favorite cousin, Annie, whom I had not seen since I left for college was there and it was sooooo good to see her!  I hate that we lost touch with one another, but it is a big family and a bigger world.  She has my email address, now, so I hope to keep in touch with her.

One thing I wanted to do while there was get a picture of Granny holding the youngest member of the family.  It is a 5 generation spread.


This sleepy little fellow in Granny’s right arm is only 2 months old, so they are almost exactly 100 year apart in age.


Lily, Granny’s great-great-granddaughter and Granny had a lot to say to one another.  I love this picture!  Lily is 9 months old here, and although she won’t have any memories of this, we can prove that she knew her great-great-grandmother.  Not too many people can say that.

In fact, not too many people can say they have been to someone’s 100th birthday party.  And it might not happened again to me in my lifetime.


There was music being played when we arrived.  My Dad is at the far left with his back to us.  He usually wears his black cowboy hat, but it was pretty warm for that.  I think it got up to 87 while we were there.


This is my oldest niece, Kim.  She looks like Mom.


I love this young lady.  We got the chance to talk and catch up with one another.

I stopped at the cemetery on the way to the farm to lay flowers on Mom’s grave and visit with her for a few minutes.  There were several people who remembered that Mom died 1 year ago.  While it was bittersweet that Mom wasn’t there, in a way I think she was there in spirit.  And there were about 200 people she loved there, so she was not forgotten.  She would have loved celebrating Granny’s milestone.

Here’s to many more, healthy and happy years, Granny!!