Sep 7

Today, the family gathers together to celebrate Granny’s 100th birthday. There will be food, laughter, stories, hugs, music, more food, more stories and lots of memories being made.  The emotions are going to be running high in the Crowder Clan.

On the flip side of the coin, one year ago today, my mom died from cancer.  On the way to Granny’s party, I will be stopping by the cemetery and laying a tribute on Mom’s grave and wishing like anything she could have lived to see Granny hit the century mark.

And one year ago tomorrow, my dear sister-in-law, my brother’s wife, Lori, had her massive heart attack just a few hours after I was on the phone with her.  The heart attack that she never regained conscious from.  I still have her last text message to me on my phone.  It simply says, “I love you, Sis!”

While I am at Granny’s, I hope no one sees the sadness in the back of my eyes because I want this day to be a celebration of Granny’s 100-year-long life.  But the sadness can’t help but be there.


I miss them.