Sep 4
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N gave me a bit of a challenge, but I think I came up with some good words that begin with N.


Namor – Anyone have a clue why a superhero whose realm is under water needs wings on his ankles?  According to Scott, he is the first superhero as he was published prior to Superman.


Neck of one of Scott’s guitars.  This one has a good back story.  Way back when Mom and Dad owned a KOA Kampground in Hurricane Mills, TN, Scott and I went down for a weekend.  While there, we went to a local flea market to look around.  Scott saw this guitar – a Harmony Stella – that had a $25 price tag on it.  Scott asked to see it and was looking it over, checking the straightness of the neck and to make sure the body was in good shape.  He was looking it over very well, taking his sweet time, when the seller piped up.  “Listen, I’ll let you have it for $15 since it is broken.”  Scott and I looked at each other and I nodded.  Scott bought it.  The only thing “broken” on it was that it was missing a couple of strings.  Obviously, the seller was not a musician.  Actually, Stella’s have a good reputation for their sound, even if they were inexpensive guitars, and this one sounds really good for what it is.


The Noble Nose of my Notable Night-Owl.


Novel – I love mysteries and Edward Marston’s series is really good.

nice day

Nice Day.


Natural Dyes – Come on Dye Day!!!

New Haven

New Haven clock from Scott’s family.  And, yes, it works, too.  It has a nice chime sound and chimes the hour and half hour.  Also, it has a ticking sound that is warm and comforting.


Neighbor – I had to zoom in all the way to get this.  They really live about 1,000 feet down the road.  In fact, Scott and I used to live in that house before we built our current one.  Scott’s grandparents owned it for a couple of decades and they let us live there while Scott went back to college to earn his degree.  We lived there just shy of 5 years.


Naughty.  Don’t let those big baby blues fool you.  I come down most mornings to find all of the bottom kitchen cabinet doors open and waiting for me.  I know it is him because I have caught him doing it.  I love him, though, so he just gets grumbled at as I go around closing them.

national washboard

From the National Washboard Company!  This is hanging in my laundry room and came from Scott’s family.  The washboard part is not metal, but glass!


Nails.  I have no idea why they weren’t pulled out long ago.


Narrow gap between the trunks of a locust tree.


Several years ago, when Sandy and I first started knitting, we were given these type of needle protectors, but pink ones.  I don’t know which of us first called them “nipples,” but they have been Needle Nipples ever since to us.  So, let me present Sandy’s nipples!

Delighted Hands – Her Nyki is like my Dylan and is why you rarely see a picture of him on here.

My Yellow Swing – Who knew fossilized dinosaur poop could be so pretty?