Sep 2

Update: I just wanted to let you know that you have lessened my stash by 10,850 yards or 6 miles and 290 yards of yarn.  This includes the yarn going with the Orenburg lace shawl pattern.  Thank you!!! 

The unclaimed items from the 1000th Post are going to be donated to a good cause, but thank you everyone who left comments and especially to those of you who claimed a gift.  This was lots of fun and knowing that yarn I no longer want or need is going off to become something in a different part of the country is pretty cool.

So, now it is time to do the drawing for the three special gifts.  I have listed the names of those claiming gifts in the order they commented.  Here are our contestants:


So, there are nine people eligible for the three special gifts.  I am going to start with the smallest and work up to a grand prize.  The first special gift is a pattern:


This is the Faux Cable Library Shawl.  I made this for Scott several years ago, and it works up pretty easily, although I found the pockets a little fussy.  Still, this is something I can find Scott wrapped up in, along with his Happy Blanket, while he reads or sketches in his recliner at the end of a winter’s day.

So, who is it going to?


No. 5 is Tamara!!!  Congrats!  This will be in the box along with the yarn I am sending you.

The next item is a rather handy thing, even if Sandy and I did design it and I made it.  This is the last of those items as all of the rest have sold.


This is a knitting needle case all in bright happy colors.  This is designed to hold straight as well as cable needles, and there are two zippered pockets to hold all sorts of tools and supplies.  My favorite part is the place to hold a small pair of scissors so they are always handy and a loop for a pencil.  So, who is this knitting needle case going to?

Congratulations, Shelley B!!!  This will be heading out to you along with your yarn!  I hope you enjoy it!

Okay, the last prize is something pretty special, which is why I saved it for last.  At one time, I thought I would like to try my hand at knitting lace.  Well, folks, let me say that lacy lace just is not for me.  I will do something someday just for the sake of saying “I did it!”, but it will not with with this pattern and it won’t be anytime soon.  So, here is the last prize:


An Orenburg lace shawl with the yarn to go with it.  I will apologize in advance to whomever gets this because the yarn is in colors I like and they may not match colors you like.  So, the winner is………………


Cindy M!!!  Congrats, Cindy!  I will add this to your box going out on Friday.

One more thing to apologize for is the time lapse before these items are shipped.  Friday is payday.  “Nuff said.

This was so much fun!!!  Thank you everyone!