Sep 11

You know that sweater vest I am working on from the Autumn issue of Creative Knitting?  Well, I’m to the place where I need to block the two halves of mine, but don’t have the time to actually do so.  So, I started knitting on my co-worker, Colette’s, vest and am about 2/3 through the right half of it.

Also, I am working on a new blanket pattern, so I can’t show it to you, yet, but I am really liking how it is turning out.  It’s going to be a real stash buster.

And, I have finished another colorwork sock pattern (the 4th) that I will be starting my test knit on this weekend.  I have my third pattern ready to send to Cindy of Delighted Hands for her test knitting to make sure what I wrote makes sense and that there are no typos or other issues with it.

I am half way finished with another sock pattern and mostly finished with a 6th, except I am having color issues because the yarn company’s yarn I am using doesn’t have the gray I need.  They have light gray and dark gray, and I need a medium gray.  Obviously, I have some work to do on it to make it look right.

Anything else?  Oh yes!  If you are going to be at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend, be sure to stop by the Johnny Saturn booth and say hello.  Lilly the Lendrum and I will be behind the table spinning away while Scott and I talk about Johnny Saturn and Scott’s art.

Sep 10
O! O! O!
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I rather fell down on the job this week.  I really thought I’d get lots of O shots at Granny’s birthday party, but I didn’t.  So here are the few shots I did get.


Orange T-shirt.  I am lucky that I have a husband who wears more colors than black, brown, blue and gray.  Scott loves wearing bright colors and he looks great in orange.


My bottle of Caster Oil.  And no, I don’t use this as most people do.  I use it on my psoriasis to help keep the area soft so the real medicine can soak in better.


Well, they are shaped like O’s  I have tons of these in my desk that I use when we give out new keys or fobs to tenants.


Oolong tea!  I blend this with my green tea to give it more of a caffeine kick.

Old English

Old English Sheep dog, This fellow guards the flock on my desk at work.

And that is all I have.

Delighted Hands

Sanna’s Bag

My Yellow Swing

Eweniquely Ewe



Sep 9

I really need someone in my area with a really nice DSLR camera to help me out.  I have two colorwork sock patterns with the socks all ready to be photographed so I can publish them.  I could use my little camera, but, let’s face it, it’s just not good enough for this project.

If one of you would be willing to help me out with this, I will give you the sock patterns for free and buy the yarn for you to make them.  Also, you will get full credit for the photos in the upcoming book these will be in as well as get a free copy of the book.

So, if you have a camera and would like to help me with this, please email me (or comment).  You will have my eternal gratitude!

Sep 8

Well, it is official!  Okay, it happened last Thursday, but we made it official yesterday.  Granny really is one hundred years old.


Here’s the cake (one of the cakes).


Here’s her picture on the front page of the newspaper.


And here’s the birthday girl herself.


Scott and I ran late getting there.  His car decided to be sick and we had to take it in for repairs before heading south.  We ended up getting there around 2 in the afternoon, and some people had already left, but there were still plenty to visit with and see.  One of my cousins counted 187 people at one point, but more showed up later (including us).  Dad said that there were well over 200 people there all said and done.  There were some relatives I have not seen in nearly 40 years, and a favorite cousin, Annie, whom I had not seen since I left for college was there and it was sooooo good to see her!  I hate that we lost touch with one another, but it is a big family and a bigger world.  She has my email address, now, so I hope to keep in touch with her.

One thing I wanted to do while there was get a picture of Granny holding the youngest member of the family.  It is a 5 generation spread.


This sleepy little fellow in Granny’s right arm is only 2 months old, so they are almost exactly 100 year apart in age.


Lily, Granny’s great-great-granddaughter and Granny had a lot to say to one another.  I love this picture!  Lily is 9 months old here, and although she won’t have any memories of this, we can prove that she knew her great-great-grandmother.  Not too many people can say that.

In fact, not too many people can say they have been to someone’s 100th birthday party.  And it might not happened again to me in my lifetime.


There was music being played when we arrived.  My Dad is at the far left with his back to us.  He usually wears his black cowboy hat, but it was pretty warm for that.  I think it got up to 87 while we were there.


This is my oldest niece, Kim.  She looks like Mom.


I love this young lady.  We got the chance to talk and catch up with one another.

I stopped at the cemetery on the way to the farm to lay flowers on Mom’s grave and visit with her for a few minutes.  There were several people who remembered that Mom died 1 year ago.  While it was bittersweet that Mom wasn’t there, in a way I think she was there in spirit.  And there were about 200 people she loved there, so she was not forgotten.  She would have loved celebrating Granny’s milestone.

Here’s to many more, healthy and happy years, Granny!!

Sep 7

Today, the family gathers together to celebrate Granny’s 100th birthday. There will be food, laughter, stories, hugs, music, more food, more stories and lots of memories being made.  The emotions are going to be running high in the Crowder Clan.

On the flip side of the coin, one year ago today, my mom died from cancer.  On the way to Granny’s party, I will be stopping by the cemetery and laying a tribute on Mom’s grave and wishing like anything she could have lived to see Granny hit the century mark.

And one year ago tomorrow, my dear sister-in-law, my brother’s wife, Lori, had her massive heart attack just a few hours after I was on the phone with her.  The heart attack that she never regained conscious from.  I still have her last text message to me on my phone.  It simply says, “I love you, Sis!”

While I am at Granny’s, I hope no one sees the sadness in the back of my eyes because I want this day to be a celebration of Granny’s 100-year-long life.  But the sadness can’t help but be there.


I miss them.

Sep 6

On Labor Day, Scott and I went to an antique mall about an hour and a half from home.  This one is huge and we have never been able to go more than half-way through it before getting overwhelmed at all of the stuff.

This time, though, we had a couple of interesting things happen while we were there.  The first was that we saw owls everywhere.  No matter what booth or where we turned, there was an owl someplace among the stuff – whether it was a salt and pepper shaker set, or a picture, or a figurine, or a blow-up owl like you use to scare away rodents, or what have you.  We must have seen hundreds of them.  Now, Scott likes owls and collects them, but this was beyond coincidental and it got to be both funny and a little spooky.

The second story was about my own time there.  Everything I saw that I liked was outrageously expensive for what it was.  From a sweet little doll-sized Hoosier Cabinet for $225 all the way down to a wee tin dolly measuring cup for $13.  No way was I paying any of those prices no matter how cool I thought they were.

Then we walked into this one booth that had a lot of dolls and other toys.  I glanced things over briefly as I was beginning to get tired, then turned to walk out.  Something “nudged” me and told me that I was supposed to find something in there.  Now, I’ve learned to listen to those little nudges, so I turned back and continued looking around.  Then I saw her:

Mary Todd

I love taking naked dollies (shoot, I could have used Naked Doll for the N photos!) and dressing them up.  So, I picked this one up.  The front of her shoulder plate says “Mary Todd Lincoln” and the back says “1980 Yield House Exclusive.”  She was in really good condition, nothing broken or chipped and she was pretty clean.  She has a bisque head and shoulder plate, arms up to the elbows and legs from the knees down.  I even liked her face as it wasn’t a typical doll face but looked like it could be a real person.  The price? $6.  So, okay that was the first thing I saw that was within my budget (under $10).  But, really, what did I need with another doll?  So I carefully sat her back down, leaning her back against the shelf wall.

Then the really spooky part happened. I turned around, looked at Scott and said, “I like her, but I don’t need another doll. Let’s go.” At that second I hear a “clink” from behind me.  I looked at Scott’s shocked face. “She just moved, didn’t she?” I asked.

“Yes, she slumped forward.  I just watched her move,” he said.

I turned back around and, indeed, she had slumped forward and looked utterly dejected. Needless to say, Mary came home with me.

Now, I need to dress her, because… well… she hates being naked (wouldn’t you?).  I have several books on making period doll clothes, so I started looking through some last night.  Nothing really intrigued me.  Then I got the idea that, rather than dress her from the 1860’s, I would dress her like a modern person.  I want to knit her a sweater, sew her a bra and panties and make her either some jeans or a denim skirt.  Her hair doesn’t look like it belongs to a different time, and could well pass in today’s world.  Actually, her hair style is similar to mine except I have bangs and she doesn’t.

So, between the owls everywhere and Mary moving when I was ready to leave her behind, Monday was a weird day at the antique mall.

Sep 5

Yes, I know I have already posted this morning, but I wanted to let all of you know that today is my paternal grandmother’s 100th birthday.  100!!!  Can you believe it?  She still lives at home by herself (although there are family members in houses all around hers) and she still waters her plants and raises tomatoes.

Happy 100th Birthday, Granny!!!


The wheelchair on the day of the family reunion was because my aunts didn’t want her walking on the uneven ground of the campground.  She kept telling them she could walk, but they kept telling her to sit down and enjoy the ride.  She is an awesome woman, and I hope to grow up to be just like her.

Sep 5

Okay, so I saw a mention on Twitter about a knitting comic.  Cool!  I’ve read a few that I couldn’t stick with, but this one is different.  I’ve already read all of the archives.  It’s called Worsted for Wear.  As I read through it, all I could think of was “I totally know these people!”  Yeah, it’s that good.  For example:






This is just a taste.  Now go out there, start at the beginning and enjoy!  And tell me if these people aren’t familiar to you, too.

Sep 4
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N gave me a bit of a challenge, but I think I came up with some good words that begin with N.


Namor – Anyone have a clue why a superhero whose realm is under water needs wings on his ankles?  According to Scott, he is the first superhero as he was published prior to Superman.


Neck of one of Scott’s guitars.  This one has a good back story.  Way back when Mom and Dad owned a KOA Kampground in Hurricane Mills, TN, Scott and I went down for a weekend.  While there, we went to a local flea market to look around.  Scott saw this guitar – a Harmony Stella – that had a $25 price tag on it.  Scott asked to see it and was looking it over, checking the straightness of the neck and to make sure the body was in good shape.  He was looking it over very well, taking his sweet time, when the seller piped up.  “Listen, I’ll let you have it for $15 since it is broken.”  Scott and I looked at each other and I nodded.  Scott bought it.  The only thing “broken” on it was that it was missing a couple of strings.  Obviously, the seller was not a musician.  Actually, Stella’s have a good reputation for their sound, even if they were inexpensive guitars, and this one sounds really good for what it is.


The Noble Nose of my Notable Night-Owl.


Novel – I love mysteries and Edward Marston’s series is really good.

nice day

Nice Day.


Natural Dyes – Come on Dye Day!!!

New Haven

New Haven clock from Scott’s family.  And, yes, it works, too.  It has a nice chime sound and chimes the hour and half hour.  Also, it has a ticking sound that is warm and comforting.


Neighbor – I had to zoom in all the way to get this.  They really live about 1,000 feet down the road.  In fact, Scott and I used to live in that house before we built our current one.  Scott’s grandparents owned it for a couple of decades and they let us live there while Scott went back to college to earn his degree.  We lived there just shy of 5 years.


Naughty.  Don’t let those big baby blues fool you.  I come down most mornings to find all of the bottom kitchen cabinet doors open and waiting for me.  I know it is him because I have caught him doing it.  I love him, though, so he just gets grumbled at as I go around closing them.

national washboard

From the National Washboard Company!  This is hanging in my laundry room and came from Scott’s family.  The washboard part is not metal, but glass!


Nails.  I have no idea why they weren’t pulled out long ago.


Narrow gap between the trunks of a locust tree.


Several years ago, when Sandy and I first started knitting, we were given these type of needle protectors, but pink ones.  I don’t know which of us first called them “nipples,” but they have been Needle Nipples ever since to us.  So, let me present Sandy’s nipples!

Delighted Hands – Her Nyki is like my Dylan and is why you rarely see a picture of him on here.

My Yellow Swing – Who knew fossilized dinosaur poop could be so pretty?



Sep 2

Update: I just wanted to let you know that you have lessened my stash by 10,850 yards or 6 miles and 290 yards of yarn.  This includes the yarn going with the Orenburg lace shawl pattern.  Thank you!!! 

The unclaimed items from the 1000th Post are going to be donated to a good cause, but thank you everyone who left comments and especially to those of you who claimed a gift.  This was lots of fun and knowing that yarn I no longer want or need is going off to become something in a different part of the country is pretty cool.

So, now it is time to do the drawing for the three special gifts.  I have listed the names of those claiming gifts in the order they commented.  Here are our contestants:


So, there are nine people eligible for the three special gifts.  I am going to start with the smallest and work up to a grand prize.  The first special gift is a pattern:


This is the Faux Cable Library Shawl.  I made this for Scott several years ago, and it works up pretty easily, although I found the pockets a little fussy.  Still, this is something I can find Scott wrapped up in, along with his Happy Blanket, while he reads or sketches in his recliner at the end of a winter’s day.

So, who is it going to?


No. 5 is Tamara!!!  Congrats!  This will be in the box along with the yarn I am sending you.

The next item is a rather handy thing, even if Sandy and I did design it and I made it.  This is the last of those items as all of the rest have sold.


This is a knitting needle case all in bright happy colors.  This is designed to hold straight as well as cable needles, and there are two zippered pockets to hold all sorts of tools and supplies.  My favorite part is the place to hold a small pair of scissors so they are always handy and a loop for a pencil.  So, who is this knitting needle case going to?

Congratulations, Shelley B!!!  This will be heading out to you along with your yarn!  I hope you enjoy it!

Okay, the last prize is something pretty special, which is why I saved it for last.  At one time, I thought I would like to try my hand at knitting lace.  Well, folks, let me say that lacy lace just is not for me.  I will do something someday just for the sake of saying “I did it!”, but it will not with with this pattern and it won’t be anytime soon.  So, here is the last prize:


An Orenburg lace shawl with the yarn to go with it.  I will apologize in advance to whomever gets this because the yarn is in colors I like and they may not match colors you like.  So, the winner is………………


Cindy M!!!  Congrats, Cindy!  I will add this to your box going out on Friday.

One more thing to apologize for is the time lapse before these items are shipped.  Friday is payday.  “Nuff said.

This was so much fun!!!  Thank you everyone!

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