Sep 26

I will post my Q and R shots together next week.  Just because my cold is better doesn’t mean I’ve had a whole lot of energy once I get off work.  In fact, the left over “medicine head” feeling has been with me most of the working day making concentration very difficult.

Last night, I actually decided to not take any cold medicine and to go to bed early.  Then, at 2:30 this morning, a loud SNAP woke me up. I had caught another mouse in a trap.  But, it just barely caught him and the little bugger got away – into my room.  So, I have been awake since 2:30.  Sigh…  Since he chewed through 1/2 a block of mouse poison to get into the room (I had crammed a block into the mouse hole), I am hoping that he won’t be in the land of the living by the time I get home.  Now, of course, I have to find him and I am afraid he went in behind my very overloaded bookcases.

*&^%$#@ mouse!

Since I was awake, I did get to knit on my blanket for a while.  I have a row and a half of having this stripe done.  It is now taking me half an hour to get one row done, so I got just under 6 rows done while waiting for time to get up.  I’ll get a picture of it this weekend and show it to you.

This weekend should be a weekend at home working on the house and my studio.  I am looking forward to it.


Sep 24

Today would have been Mom’s 68th birthday and is the second birthday without her.

I started teaching a new sock knitting class last night and it is going very well.  I only have one student, so she has my undivided attention.  She picked up knitting with dpns really quickly and I can’t wait to show her the magic of the heel turn next week.

Also, the new Ply magazine is out and I am looking forward to perusing it, and I picked up another magazine that I have been waiting for with baited breath.


Yes!!!!  I watched the first season on Netflix, and nothing since, but I fell in love with the Edwardian clothing.  When I saw that Interweave Press was putting this out, I could hardly wait.  Well, Starstruck Cat Studio had it last night and I snatched it up so fast that paper flew off the table from the wind I caused (okay, not really, but it could have).  I’ve barely had the chance to look through it, but I can see several items that I want to knit in it – mostly from the Downstairs portion.


I do hope you all have a lovely day.  My cold is 90% over and I am feeling in top form this morning.


Sep 23

Because I spent 90% of the past week in bed sick with Con Crud, I have not had the chance to get my Q photos done.  I will do my best to get some Q photos in the next day or so and get them posted.  I can’t wait to see what Q items the rest of you took.

Sep 22

Well, I am sad to say that Sandy and I did not make it to Yellow Springs this weekend, and it is totally my fault.  I have been sick most of the week (starting Tuesday) with what is commonly called Con Crud.  Basically, I encountered someone at the Cincinnati Comic Expo who passed on their cold germs to me, and I ended up missing Wednesday, part of Thursday and Friday at work.  Yesterday, I managed to get out for a trip to the grocery store, but it exhausted me.  Sandy and I had hoped we could still go today, but, sadly, no.

While I am not happy about this, I figure there is a reason God did not want me going, so Sandy and I will make other plans for getting our fleeces in for processing.  There might be another road trip in the near future, who knows.

Today, I hope to be able to do something besides watch YouTube videos (the UK version of Antiques Roadshow is hilarious and their items way older than what we have) and knitting on my blanket.  I can’t even knit on Colette’s vest because I left it at work.

The blanket is coming along nicely, though.  It’s about 28″ wide out of the 48″ I need at this point.  Of course, it is taking longer and longer to get around a row as it grows, but I love the building up of the squares.  I guess, in a way, it’s kind of like a Trip Around the World quilt in a knitted format.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sep 20

Tomorrow, Sandy and I are headed out to A Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Since it is a two day (Saturday and Sunday) show, we want to check it out and see if it is someplace we want to vend at next year.  Also, we have several fleeces we want to drop off for processing.


Thirteen bags of fleeces to be exact.  Actually, there are 17 fleeces here, but we are combining some of them since they are the same quality and color.  One bag, though, has three shearings from the same ewe (June 2012, November 2012 and June 2013).  Also, if you look in the picture above, you will see ribbons on three of the bags: A pink rosette for Reserve Champion Colored Fleece (half Cormo/half Border Leicester), a 1st place winner Colored Fleece (3/4 Cormo/1/2 Border Leicester), and a 3rd place winner (Cormo).  The gray fleece next to the Reserve Champion is the Grand Champion Colored Fleece (half Cormo/half Border Leicester), and the white fleece in front of them is the Grand Champion Fleece (Cormo) all from the 2013 Indiana State Fair.  They don’t give out ribbons for Grand Champion, but give you a plaque instead and the owner of the sheep kept those – I would, too!

All of these fleeces are wonderful and I can’t wait to get them back from processing.  I do notice that we have gray, black and white fleeces, but no new ones in the brown colors.  We will need to remedy that.


Here is a close-up of that Grand Champion Colored Fleece.  Don’t you just want to pet it?

Another fleece we are taking to be processed is a 50% Merino/50% CVM fleece that is a wonderful black.  It needed to be skirted before I got it bagged and labeled.  When I finished skirting it, I took the trash wool over to the field to dump it.  That’s when I noticed that my walnut tree is dropping walnuts.


It has been three years since we got any walnuts, so I picked up all I could find on the ground and have them soaking in a large kitty-litter bucket with a lid on it.  I’ll gather more as they fall to add to the bucket.  All of these are going to be used for Dye Day.

I decided to knit a blanket for my bed out of left over worsted weight wool from other projects.

Hip to be Square blanket1

I started with a garter-stitch square in the middle and am working my way out from there.  Once I get it wide enough, I’ll stop on the width and just build up on the length until I get it long enough.  I am making this up as I go, but every other stripe is simply stockinet stitch and every other stripe is some pattern just using knits and purls – no laces or anything.

hip to be square2

So far, I have used a moss stitch and a diagonal pattern.  This will give me the excuse to look through a stitch dictionary and play around with different patterns.  I am going to make this a twin-sized blanket.

I am still working on the sweater vests.  I nearly have the first half of Colette’s knitted and when I have the second half, I am going to have to stop and block them and the two halves of mine before I can continue on them.

That’s what is going on right now.

Sep 19

Downtown Cincinnati is very interesting.  It’s a small city, like Indianapolis, but it has some lovely details.  Some you have already seen in the “P” post, but here are some others.


When Scott and I got to the convention center, we unloaded the car of the booth stuff, then I drove the car back to the hotel to park it and walked back to the convention center.  Since the distance was only about 5 blocks, we left the car parked at the hotel during our stay and walked back and forth.  I am glad we did, too.  I would have missed following these two fellows walking to practice.  They were very absorbed in their discussion and had no idea anyone was around them anywhere.

Duke Energy Convention Center

Duke Energy Convention Center.  On Saturday, there was a crew either finishing up or touching up a wonderful mosaic mural on the building.  This is at the corner of 6th and Elm.


This and the rest were taken from the balcony of our hotel room/apartment, The Garfield Suites.  I know I said on Monday that I would show you our room, but I will save that for tomorrow.  It was a very interesting room and we will be staying there again next year.


Lots of interesting architecture from the turn of the 19th century to more recent.


I loved the mural painted on this building with all of the pigeons taking off in flight.  As for the black building next to it, I wonder what it housed?  Hmmmm….  😉


Looking the other way from the balcony down along the public walking area that I showed you in my “P” post.


Nearly the same shot as the sun set and the lights came on.

I had some fun with my camera taking the night time city shots.  I played around with some different settings and using the intersection, I wanted to see what I could get.  Most were blurry messes, but I got a couple that I really liked.


This one used the night time setting with the flash off.  It held the lens open for a second and I love the stretched out headlights from the moving car in the lower left corner.  I wish I had had a tripod and remote for this because it is hard to stand completely still for any length of time.


I used the action setting on this one, but focused on the center so that the traffic would be a blur while the setting would still be clear.  These shots take pretty quickly and this is the best of the bunch on that setting.

I can’t wait to get the DSLR camera I have picked out.  I would have loved to play around with even more settings and exposure lengths with this scene.  Maybe next year.

Sep 18

The local Lego Group was invited to be a part of the expo, and their area was quite a draw to young and old alike.  I know I kept going back there to look at everything.  The following is just a highlight of all they had there.


Since a lot of people attended to look at art, I’ll start with this piece of Lego art.


And a close-up of this picture.  With each block being in a regular shape based on the square, using the colors in a pixelated format gives an artist a wide scope in which to work.  I was very impressed with this.  Using Legos like this had never occurred to me.


Hey, Kim Kirby!  This one is for you!  KY Wildcat in Legos.


Let’s start with the largest set up there.  This one had two trains going around and many, many details.  The more you looked, the more there was to see.


Like sharks fighting over a surfer.  Ouch!  Look at all that blood.  Oooo!  Look away from the carnage!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles defending a school bus.


Spiderman swinging over to tackle Doc Oct.


The Hulk being his hulkish self.


Campers enjoying some recreation at the local campground.


While those at the local drive-in theater enjoyed a movie.  And there was a real movie being played on the screen, too.


At another table, there were lots of activities going on.  Soccer and volleyball, for instance.



The gas station even catered to space ships.  Hey, they need someplace to refuel, don’t they?



If you look closely at the ball spinning in this building, you will notice that it is the Deathstar.

The people who created and built these sets have worked hard to do so.  Every place you looked there was more to see and little sneaky things thrown in here and there.  Great job, folks!


Sep 17

This past weekend was the 4th Annual Cincinnati Comic Expo.  They put on one heck of a show.  It was so good, in fact, that I’ve split it up into a couple of parts, or you’d never be able to slog through it all.booth

Let’s start with the Johnny Saturn booth and the layout of Artists’s Alley.  Scott and I could not have been happier with where our table was.  It was on the corner just as you entered Artist’s Alley from the Dealer area.  We have never been on a corner before, as we took full advantage of it.  The aisles were nice and wide, and the area where the artists’ sit was wide with plenty of room for banners, equipment and the ability to move about without making another artist have to move so you could get through.  Kuddos, guys!!!


Of course, I took my spinning wheel and spent several happy hours spinning this 90% merino/10% silk blend from Ohio Valley Mill.


I am spinning it extra fine because I want to do a cable-ply with it for a lace scarf and fingerless mitts.  Also, I am considering overdyeing it with indigo to turn it purple with blue highlights.  While the pinky-red is pretty, it’s not a color I wear.


And I may have stalked a man with a very interesting sweater tied around his neck.  He was so interested in what he was looking at that he had no idea he was being stalked or that I took a rather close-up photo of his sweater’s details.


Lizzie joined us for this show.  She started knitting on my next sock pattern, but there was so much going on and so much to see, she didn’t get very far on it.


The 501st Legion was there and they had some props that I had never seen before.


This Storm Trooper was kind enough to let me pose him in just the right position to hide the glaring white footstool sitting on the ground behind him.

Dr Who

And for you Dr. Who fans.  It has been several decades (4?) since I watched Dr. Who, so I don’t remember this thing, much less what it was called.  I described it as a big, ugly R2D2 with warts.  I later found out it is called a Dalek.  This one wandered around the show floor and gave people lots of photo opportunities.


I never did find out the significance of the sheep with the Batman mask on it, but, hey, to see a sheep at a comic show was odd enough.


Of course, Scott and I were not the only ones there with Art to sell.  This booth had some lovely Mucha influenced art and I would have loved to take one home with me.  Or three.


Our friend and fellow Indianapolis area artist, Paul McCall, was there drawing caricatures of fans while they waited.  He kept very busy the entire time.  Go Paul!!!


Scott took several different posters with him to sell, and dragons were all the rage for us.  The print he is signing above is Dragon Punk, and we sold out of them pretty quickly.


The Cos Players in the Cincinnati area out did themselves this year.  This original, Mart Nodel created, Green Lantern was very cool.


I love it when different genres are blended as it was with this Steampunk Riddler.  It was his ? staff that caught my eye as he walked by.


I think this must have been Strawberry Shortcake as a princess, but I am not sure.  I just loved her dress and it must have taken her a long time to make.


Even Mr. Disney and an early Mickey Mouse were there greeting everyone.


Of course, I didn’t want to miss something special.

I did get pictures of Billy and Craig early on in the show, but they were pretty animated and all blurry.  In fact, I got a photo of Billy waving at me, but it is hard to photograph a wave with my cheapie camera.  Later on, though, when it was beginning to quieten down, I went back to see if I could get something better.


At the beginning, Craig Parker jumped over the table to talk with people, and he never went back behind the table.  In case you don’t know who he is, he played Haldir in Lord of the Rings.


Yes, that guy.  I was heartbroken when Haldir was killed in the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

Billy Boyd was just as friendly, although he stayed behind the table.


By the time I could get an unblurry picture of him, it was at the end of the day when he was rather tired.  I rather felt for him and Craig as they still had a meet and greet event that evening to attend.  I’ll bet they both slept pretty well that night.


When Sunday morning came, we were all pretty tired.  Scott Bachman, writer of Super Mom, was so tired that he had a coffee drink in each hand.  He had actually opened the canned one and started drinking it while in line at McD’s to get the other one.

But there is one main reason we all do these shows.


We do them to meet our fans and readers.  Thank you all for attending this show.  We cannot wait to see you next year.

Sep 16

Being in a different city and at a comic book convention gave me lots of opportunities for “P” photos this weekend.  So, here I go!


There was a piece of plastic wrap laying on the floor behind the main area and I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture of it.


The Public walk way outside our hotel.  With the lights lighting up the arches at night, this was especially pretty.

Piano Co

The Lyric Piano Co building with its pretty Plantings.  I wish more buildings did this.


It took a couple of tries to get this right, but I had to take a photo through the Peep hole of our hotel room door.


Porker!  Cincinnati used to be (or still could be for all I know) a huge pork processing center and these pigs in differently poses, paint jobs, scenes, etc. are all over the place.  I love the fact that this Hamlet is holding a Pig skull.


An art deco Portico with a great clock.


One of many Pirates at the comic expo.  The cos Players outdid themselves for this show.  There were lots of very well-made costumes there.


Scott is a Penciller Pencilling a Page for a Person named Peter Palmiotti.


Obviously, there were lots of Pros there, too.


For some reason, My Little Pony is very Popular right now.

Princess Leia

Nothing like Princess Leia threatening you with a futuristic Pistol.


The Powerpuff Girls!  I took this one for Scott’s brother, Todd, because he loves them.

And I saved the best, and creepiest, for last.

The hotel room we were staying in was a corner room, and it had a loooong hallway from the door of the suite to the main living area (it was actually a two bedroom apartment with a complete kitchen – I’ll show you more pictures of it tomorrow).  Well, after dark, I got to playing with that hallway with my camera, and Scott suggested he stand in the open door to create a silhouette.  Most were okay, but one was my favorite because of how it turned out.


Portal to another dimension.  The ones that were clear just were not as interesting as this one was.  I love it!!!

Delighted Hands

My Yellow Swing

Sanna’s Bag




Sep 12

Good morning fiber friends and fellow comic book fans!  Scott and I will be attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo beginning tomorrow, September 13th through Sunday, September 15th at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  There are going to be lot of comic creators, dealers and artists there as well as several television and movie stars.  The one I am looking forward to seeing is Billy Boyd who played my favorite hobbit, Pippen, from Lord of the Rings.

Scott and I have a fantastic table at the show this year.  It’s our first time being on a corner, which means we can visit and talk with people on two sides.  Besides the first two graphic novels of Johnny Saturn, Scott also has the first volume of his sketchbook published as well as several posters for sale.

The real reason we go to these, though is to meet and talk to everyone.  The people at these shows are so friendly and there are always hugs from friends that we have made over the years.  It’s almost like going to a family reunion, except these people aren’t related and they actually want to spend time together. 🙂

I will have my spinning wheel there and will be spinning a sweet merino/silk blend in a lovely color that is slightly darker than the red of a good, ripe watermelon.  I have no idea what it is going to become, but with 8 ounces of it, I have lots of things to choose from.  With the silk in it, it might make a great lace scarf with matching fingerless mitts or knee socks, or a cowl or…  We’ll see what it wants to be when it is done.

And did I mention that Billy Boyd will be there?  I wonder if I can Kinnear him?  I sure as heck am going to try, anyway.

So, if you are in the Cincinnati area this weekend, please come to the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  You’ll see more people dressed as your favorite superheroes, meet the creators, writers and artists behind some of your favorite books, see television and movie celebrities (Billy Boyd is going to be there!!!), plus there are a lot of things to buy, read, savor and enjoy.




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