Aug 29

8/31/13 There are still a few items remaining below.  Anything left tomorrow morning will get donated to someplace.  Tomorrow morning, I will do the random drawing for the extra special prizes I mentioned, so if you want in on something extra sweet, you need to leave a comment and claim something.

This is my 1,000th post.  It has taken me a little over 6 years (August 4th is my bloggiversary).  And what a wonderfully full 6 years it has been.

1,000… Just think of that number.  1,000 pennies would get you $10.  1,000 dimes would be $100 and 1,000 quarters would get you a quarter of $1,000!  1,000 hugs and kisses is a lot of lovin’ and I am sending those 1,000 hugs and kisses out to each of you who have been on this ride with me.  You have become my friends and comrades in fiber.  Lordy, the things I have learned from you!!!

I look back to my first posts and how unsure I was that I would have anything to say that anyone would find interesting to read.  The posts were sporadic at best and there were no comments at all.  I doubt if anyone has ever read them except me.  I wasn’t teaching, like I am now.  My only real extra-curricular business was writing comic book scripts for Johnny Saturn.  I still do that, but my life has become so much fuller and more fulfilling than I ever thought it would be.

As a thank you (and in celebration), I want to give away some gifts to you.  You all know that I have been working to move and resort my studio and, as I have been going through everything, I have set aside lots of yarn and other items that I either no longer need or just know I will not use.  I want to share with wealth with you.

All I need from you is this: make a comment and say what you would like from the list below.  Give me what your first, second and third choices would be, and I will send you something in the order they are claimed.  For example, if someone wants a particular yarn I show below, if you are the first person to claim it, it is yours, but if someone beats you and you have listed it as your first choice, then I’ll go to your second choice and see if it is still available. And so on.  I’ll do my best to update this page as items are claimed so you won’t waste a choice on something already claimed.  Also, read through the other comments to make sure what you want is still available, too.  The numbers on the pictures below are not going to be in any order, just the way WordPress uploaded them.

As a bonus, I have special items held back to send to some randomly chosen people and I will announce these in a couple of days.

So, here is what I have to gift to new owners.  I will ship them all out at the same time (on September 6th) so I can have time to get everything packed up and the special gifts doled out.  I will confirm what you are getting via email and will get your mailing address from you at that time, so please don’t put your address in the comments unless you want the whole world to see it.


No. 17 – This is a miscellaneous allotment of yarn.  The dark semi-solid green on the upper left is a full skein (caked up already) and a partial.  It is worsted weight wool, but I have no idea what brand or the yardage.  The middle top is a full skein of some black worsted-weight wool, the upper right is a full skein of a black 100% Merino from Muskoka Yarn Company out of Canada, and the bottom skein is a 100 gr (220 yards) cream alpaca.


No 3 – This allotment contains 11 skeins of Noro Lily Yarn which is 30% silk and 70% cotton.  Each skein is 40 grams or 108 meters.  The color No. is 8 with a Dyelot of A. Next is a close up of this yarn. This has been claimed by Tamara.


As you can see, No 3 is either a knitted yarn or a braided yarn.


No 4 is three skeins of recycled sari silk yarn.  The two on the right look to be the same colors, but the one on the right is lighter.  I have no idea how much yarn is on these skeins.  This has been claimed by Sandy O of My Yellow Swing


No 5 is 1 skein of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a sort of dark tealish color.  It is 65% wool and 35% silk, is 50 grams and 175 meters.  The gauge is recommends is 22 st X 30Rows = 10 cm on US 6 needles.


No 6 is two skeins of I Love This Cotton yarn in Color 64 – Aqua Ombre with a dyelot of either 2945 or 2045.  Each skein is 3 ounces and has 153 yards.  It is 100% cotton and is similar to Sugar & Cream cotton, only feels softer.  I wove the fabric for the fabric exchange a few years back from this yarn.  This has been claimed by Jennifer W of Jennifer Wiles.


No 7 – There are 6 skeins of this pink monochromatic yarn from Plymouth Yarn Company.  It is 100% worsted-weight wool, 100 grams, 210 yards.  The color no is 604 and dyelot is 64963.  This is the same type of wool I knitted my felted bag out of recently and what I am currently knitting the Cia’s Striped Vest from.  It knits up very nicely. This has been claimed by Roxie of Sanna’s Bag.


No 8 – There are 10 skins of this Berroco Softwist yarn in 41% wool and 50% Rayon.  Very shiny.  Each skein in 50 grams and 100 yards.  The recommended gauge is 20 st X 28 rows = 4 inches on US 8 needles.  The color # is 9443 with a dyelot of 73627.  This has been claimed by Shelley B of My Journey to Fit.


No 9 is exactly the same as No 8, except the color is 9446 with a dyelot of 72475.  Both 8 and 9 are in unopened bags. This has been claimed by Laurie D. Laurie, you need to email me your mailing address.  My return email bounced back as undeliverable.


No 10 is 13 skeins of Artful Yarns Serenade which is 70% Pima Cotton and 30% Angora.  Each skein is 50 grams and 100 yards.  The color is 6007 with a dyelot 0442.  The suggested gauge is18 st X 24 rows = 4 inches on US 7 needles. Claimed by Judy S of Ordinary but Interesting.


No 11 is the same as No 10, except there are 8 skeins and the color is 6011 with a dyelot of 0904. This has been claimed by Cindy M of Delighted Hands.


No 12 is the same type of yarn as No 7, except the color is 602, dyelot is 64963 and there are 9 skeins.


No 13 is the same as 7 and 12 except the color is 91, dyelot 94214 and there are 10 skeins (unopened bag).


No 14 is Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (85% cotton and 15% cashmere).  There are 6 50 gram, 95 meter skeins.  The suggested gauge is 22 st X 30 rows = 10 cm using US 5 needles.  The color # is 15005 and dyelot is 1. This has been claimed by Sue O.


No 15 is a skein of Lorna Laces Color No 3ns – Grapevine Lot 9228 and a partial skein of a Lornas Laces yarn with a matching color in it.  I have no idea how much is in the partial skein, but the full one has 225 yards (worsted weight).


No 16 is two Skeins of Paton’s Rustic Woods yarns, one in Col 1003, Lot 1, and one in Col 1007, Lot 1. Both are worsted wight, 100 grams and 187 meters.

No. 18 is one set (of 5) of 6″ US size 0 Clover bamboo double-point needles.

No. 19 is one set (of 5) of 6″ US size 1 Clover Bamboo double-point needles.

No 20 is one set (of 5) of 6″ US size 6 Clover bamboo double-point needles.


Thank you for listening to me ramble on and on (and on) for all this time.  You guys simply are the best!!!!