Aug 26

So, everything I had intended to do this past weekend did not get done.  In fact, besides groceries, bank, post office and playing with Sandy’s kittens while she was out of town, about the only thing I accomplished was knitting and sleeping.  I forget that I am not only not a machine, but am an aging human and I cannot run full tilt for weeks at a time without consequences.  The consequences of not taking a day off to rest in over a month is two days of rest.  I was so exhausted at the end of last week, that I’d be in that too-painful-to-think phase before I even got home from work and still had things to do.

With two days of more rest than not, I should have my second wind to start this next week.  And it’s a good thing, too.  While I don’t have any classes until September 10th, I need to catch up lots of things at home and I want to get back to the fitness center on a more regular basis.

Knitting-wise, I finished the right half of the Cia’s Striped Vest and have started the left half.  Really, get the Autumn 2013 Creative Knitting magazine!  This vest is super simple, fun and it is going to be so cute when it is done.  In fact, I have a insecure knitter friend (she’s just getting comfortable with yarn overs and knitting stitches together) whom I think is going to be knitting this vest.  Seriously, it is 99% knit and purl.  And there are at least three other projects in this issue that I want to do.

As for the Letter “M”, I’ll have it up Wednesday*.  I have most of the shots I want to take, but I thought of some more that I want to add to it.

Update on Scott’s Mom.  She is home from the rehab center and is doing rather well, considering what she has been through.  Scott spent most of Thursday with her and she is trying to catch up with her own lost time – a month for her.  I’ll say this for her – she’s happy to be back with her little dog, Itsy.  Everyone else could visit her while she was gone except Itsy, and they both missed one another.

I just realized that this time last year I was giving you updates on my mom.  I am so grateful that Leslie is going to be okay.

I hope you had a great weekend.

2………………………………………………………………………………….. (If you guess what I am about to do, there will be something extra special for you.)

* I got home too late to download the pictures, so I’ll do my best to get them up for Wednesday’s post.