Aug 22

Wildflower Acres, the farm where Sandy and I get the lovely Corriedale fleeces we sell, came through Indiana last night from Missouri (they used to live near us in Indiana, which is how we met) on their way to Ohio and they brought the fleeces we had chosen with them.  We met up with them at my LYS, The Trading Post for Fiber Arts, got to meet our new fleeces and bring them home with us.

We purchased four fleeces altogether.  The first one was Ukulele, which we have been getting since her lamb fleece.  Her lamb fleece was judged by Judith McKenzie to be an exquisite Corriedale fleece.  It still is.


Just checkout that amazingly fine crimp structure.  Ukulele started out as a dark grayish brown and each year she has gotten lighter and lighter until she is now a nice medium gray.


I guess she had something to say about having her picture taken.

The other three fleeces we received were Alpha,


who has a nice white fleece, although it is not as fine as Ukulele’s.


And then there is Dolly, a light gray.

Darcy somehow managed to escape getting his picture taken, but his is a nice light gray as well, and we will be combining Darcy’s and Dolly’s into one batch.

It looks like a trip to Ohio Valley Fiber Mill is in the near future.  We still have the State Fair fleeces to pick up, but that won’t be until next week.  Since there are two Grand Champion and one Reserve Champion fleeces in that batch, I cannot wait to show them to you!

Oh, yes, to continue the countdown from yesterday – 4………………………………….