Aug 18

Sandy’s and my trip to Michigan started out by stopping to get gasoline and seeing this!


I am an absolute sucker for vintage cars and this custom restored 1941 Ford caught my attention, so I asked the owner if I could take its picture.

Apparently there was a vintage car show at the Glass Festival in Elwood, Indiana.  I am going to have to look that up because it sounds down Scott’s and my alley.


The next thing we see are all of these bug butts.  Actually, this parking lot had lots and lots of restored Beetles, and they were all so cool!

Then, the looooong drive North.  When we got to the Michigan Fiber Festival, the place was crowded.  How crowded?


This crowded.  There were multiple buildings of everything fibers, as well as tents, and barns full of animals.


There was a shearing demonstration going on.  The sheep in the center is letting me know exactly what she thinks of all of this.


And check out the luster on this Pygora goat’s coat.  Beautiful!!


And not every fiber festival can boast a camel in the barn.  His name is Humphrey.


I fell in love with this felted dragon!

Sandy and I dropped off several fleeces for processing as well as bought more.  We are gearing up to next year’s fiber festival season and need to replenish our fleece inventory.  I think looking and and choosing fleeces is one of my favorite thing to do.  And, my-oh-my, did we get some beauties – including the Reserve Champion CVM fleece from the St. Louis Fair.

I was a long drive up there and back, but Michigan Fiber Festival is more than worth the trip.  We are already looking forward to next year.

If you are going to be at the Indiana State Fair today, please stop by the Sheep barn between 10 and 2 for the Sheep to Shawl competition.  I am one of two judges for this event and it is always fascinating watching the teams work to card, spin, ply and weave a scarf in 4 hours.