Aug 15

There’s a new fiber magazine on the news stand – Ply Magazine.


I picked up a copy at Starstruck Cat Studio, where I teach, and began reading it last night.  To me, it is a good cross between Spin-Off and Wild Fibers, both magazine I love.  In fact, the ability to sit and read it from cover to cover, be interested in what I am reading and learn something from it are key elements to what I want in a magazine.  Ply met all three requirements.


Lovely photography coupled with well-written articles means this is going to be part of my library from here on out.  It looks like it is going to come out quarterly, which is fine because there are a lot of ideas to experiment with in it and I will be going back and rereading parts of it again.

So, basically, if you are looking for a new magazine to add to your spinning and fiber library that will both entertain you and help you advance your knowledge base, get Ply.  I am looking forward to the next issue and have told Susan at Starstruck Cat Studio to always hold one for me when they come it.