Aug 13

I am ready to begin knitting the Cia’s Striped Vest from the August issue of Creative Knitting magazine (page 106).  This pattern is super simple and looks really pretty.  Sandy and I happen to have lots of the kind of yarn it calls for, Plymouth Galway Worsted, in many colors and pooled them together to get the colorways we wanted for our vests.  Our co-worker, Colette, is going to knit one as well, so there will be three different colorways and three different sizes involved.


Again, here’s the cover of the magazine to show you the vest I am talking about.  I like the colors they chose for the most part, but I really do not like that pinky color as I think is jars the eyes – it just does not fit in with the other three main colors, in my opinion.


Here are the yarn colors I have chosen.  The green I have is more muted and with more blue in it than the one shown on the picture.  Instead of that pink, I have chosen a nice light gray.  Instead of the blue, I have chosen purple and I have kept the dark red.  For the dark gray shown between the color sections, I have gone with a simple black.  This will make the smaller stripes on the inside edge of the vest gray and purple rather than the blue and pink they show.  I think that will work out nicely.  There is enough value difference between the two colors to show the stripes and gray and purple look nice together.

So, being a smart lady, I knitted a swatch, soaked it, blocked it and let it dry.  Time to compare the measurements to the gauge in the pattern.  The pattern gauge needs to be 20 stitches and 24 rows = 4″ (10 cm).  So what did I get?


With the rows, I was spot on 4″.  So far so good.


With the stitches, though, I got 4.5″ instead of 4″. Hmmm…  Obviously there needs to be some adjustment somewhere.  Since I was spot on for the rows, and the number of rows knitted determine the size, and the stitches determine the length of the vest, I decided to keep the rows and think about changing the number of stitches needed in the pattern to get the length I need (It is knitted sideways).

So, let’s look at the picture that shows how long the vest is supposed to be.


That’s pretty long, and I am short, anyway.  The model probably is taller than my mere 5’1″, so…  If I were to knit this per the pattern, but with the number of stitches per inch that I got on my swatch, it would be over 3″ longer – way too long for me.  So, I set up an Excel spreadsheet and calculated the number of stitches I really need to get the right length.  Luckily, with this being such a simple and straight forward pattern with no decreasing for waste shaping or for the neck, just changing the added cast on stitches after the sleeve caps were knitted was all I needed.  This also means I will need less yarn than suggested.

Now, I am ready to cast on my vest at lunch today.  I am looking forward to it.