Aug 12

I was hoping to find many “K” shots at the state fair, but really didn’t.  Oh well.  I did get some interesting shots, though, throughout the week.


Okay, the easy one is knitting.  Actually, I need to get this finished.  It’s going to be time to wear it soon.


Knight.  This fellow hangs in Scott’s studio.


Kitties.  The reason Scott is holding Dylan for the picture is because Dyl hates having his picture taken and when he sees a camera, he usually goes into hiding.  Hence the look of long-suffering on his face.  If you’ll notice, though, Pete is smiling for the camera.

katanaKatana as held up by Scott.


Kaiju – Japanese for Monster or “strange creature” and Godzilla is a Japanese monster, so…


Kettle hanging in the fireplace in the log cabin in the Pioneer Village barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  I wanted to go and wipe off that cobweb, but that would have meant crossing over the gate and I figured that would be frowned upon severely.


Dairy goat kid – after the lovely scritching behind the ears she got from me, she was more than happy to smile and pose.


Kids playing in a car at the Pixar exhibit at the fair.


Acorn to Oak

My Yellow Swing

Eweniquely Ewe

Delighted Hands

Ordinary But Interesting – make sure you check this one out!

Sanna’s Bag