Aug 11

Yesterday was much sunnier, and, consequently, much hotter.  It was supposed to be mostly cloudy and a high of 82 and we had mostly sunny and it was 89 when Sandy and I left at 6:30.  Hoo boy!

Also, there was more to see at the fair that Scott and I missed.  Too bad, too, because Scott would have loved this first thing.



I know of two Hover craft companies here in Indiana, one in Terre Haute and one in Indianapolis.  Sandy has been around hovercraft for over 20 years and she knows lots of people in the industry.


We watched this huge rig and trailer back into place, then they started unloading the horses.  My, and what horses they were, too.  There must have been 8-10 horses in there.  Isn’t this one a beauty?


At the SWIFT booth was this lady doing bobbin lace.  She explained how it was done in a way I had never heard before and suddenly it made sense.  One day, I am going to give this a try.  She had 27 pairs of bobbins here and was using 50/2 linen, which is thicker than normal, but it is for a specific project and needs to be done this way.  Fascinating.


Remember me telling you about Ruth Gerbig winning all those championships on hers and Allison Dobb’s fleeces?  Well, Ruth also wins big prizes on her handspinning.  Way to go, Ruth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And, then, of course, there were the sheep.  These two Dorsets had fleeces I would have loved to just run my fingers through.


And a proud mama Suffolk with her 2-week-old lambs.


And, then there was this wee Shetland ewe lamb owned by friends of ours (Kris was one of the ones squished into my car with that 125 pounds of raw fleeces that we drove up to Zeilinger’s last January).  Want to see her fleece up close?


This is it.  I have already put my dibs on this fleece if I can talk them into selling it to me.  Kris’ daughter, who is the owner of this sheep, may want to keep it, but if not, I want it!!!  She won 3rd place with this fleece, but it has certain qualities that I want in a Shetland fleece – not too crimpy and with a nice luster to it.

We came home tired, and today we are getting together to get some custom order tie-dye done.  What a busy time this is.